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Editor's Pick


I Thought God's Original Diet Would Be Enough

I am just wondering how God intended us to get our B12? If the Hallelujah Diet is the way God intended us to eat, why is it lacking this important nutrient, vitamin B12?


See You at the Pole 2014 Videos Show Student Prayer

One of my favorite annual events occurred last week. On Wednesday Christian students from around the world gathered to pray at their school flagpoles. The See You at the Pole Facebook page has pictures of participants from ten countries on six continents.

Church Leadership

Electing Elders is an Evangelistic Act

Who we elect to office communicates so much to the world about what the church and the Gospel is all about, that it should be considered a major part of our evangelistic message to the world.

Real Christianity

Moderately Important Christianity

"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The one thing it cannot be is moderately important." – C. S. Lewis


God Can Do Things in Prayer That Are Just so Cool!

God can do things in prayer that are just so cool. Just this morning, I was praying for a friend of mine and his wife, Kenneth and Glynis Kintsel...a missionary couple who have a ministry to Latin America.

Military Moms

Gold Star Mother’s Day: September 28

Being a Gold Star Mom is not something any mother would seek. But in our nation, there are many of them. Gold Star Mothers share a common tragedy. They have each lost a child who was killed while on active duty with the United States Armed Forces.


Recent Convert to Islam Beheads Woman in Oklahoma

The FBI is investigating the beheading of a 54-year-old woman at an Oklahoma food plant yesterday after co-workers said the alleged killer tried to convert them to Islam following his own conversion.


Biggest Loser Recap: Letters Reveal the Strength of Support

Letters. Words typed or hand written on sheets of paper sent to one another through the postal service. In a world full of twitter, cell phones, Facebook and video chatting who would know the strength, the power of a letter.

Living for Christ

Rob Peabody on Exchanging Mediocre Faith for Radical Living

The church exploded with excitement. People were being baptized and saved, and true growth was occurring. It was all going to plan . . . and then it hit me. I couldn't go on this way any longer.

Foster Care

Antonio and Shantaina Need You … N.O.W.

Bethany's No One Without campaign continues to highlight children in the foster care system who are available and waiting for adoption. Older children in particular are at risk. They can age out of foster care without a family of their own to support and guide them.


6 Evil Effects of Sin

We cannot sin without consequence. Once the Holy Spirit reveals sin within us, we cannot simply ignore that sin and expect that our spiritual lives will continue to grow and thrive.


Vitamin D: Are You Deficient?

It has been almost 20 years since Dr. Michael Donaldson, a PhD graduate of Cornell University, joined our team here at Hallelujah Acres. His task was to constantly evaluate the sufficiency and accuracy of the Hallelujah Diet ...


3 Steps to Becoming the Spiritual Leader of Your Home

If you want to spiritually lead your family you need to be a leader in all areas of your home. So, how do you become the spiritual leader of your family?


The Glorious Gift of Being Present

I am, at the moment, holding a fussy five year old. It doesn’t make for the greatest writing conditions – but I suspect God has a point here. I have long believed that the best gift I can give my kids is my focused attention.


One of 300 Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Shares Story of Dramatic Escape

She was only 18, a high school senior, when she was awakened from her school dormitory at 11:34 p.m. by the sounds of gunfire. The terror group Boko Haram had overrun Chibok and was headed for her school.


Virginity Rocks

Chloe picked up the tee shirt at a Christian music festival a couple years ago and wore it to school on several occasions. It never bothered her classmates or teachers.


When My Heart Is Faint

My literal heart is faint. As many of you know, the Lord has allowed, in accordance with His good and perfect will, for my body to suffer many things these past 10 years.

Blogger of the week
Christian Post Guest Voices

What is Islam, and What do Muslims Believe?

Issue Spotlight
Wayne Nall Jr

Oklahoma Beheading: Let's Call It What It Is!

The Best Teen Birth Control?

Karen Farris

Thanks to the latest guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics, doctors are now encouraging teen girls to use implantable rods with Progestin to prevent pregnancy.

Posted 9/30/14 at 8:13 AM Friday Tidings

Marriage Monday From Shaunti Feldhahn: Wives, Have and Share Realistic Expectations

Shaunti Feldhahn

Marriage Tip: Wives, have realistic expectations and share them with your husband. Happy spouses help create happy marriages! Makes sense right?

Posted 9/29/14 at 7:05 PM Marriage Mondays with Shaunti Feldhahn

Make a List of What You Hate

Justin Buzzard

Are you having trouble sorting out what you want to do with your life? Maybe you need to tap into what you hate.

Posted 9/29/14 at 10:01 AM Consider Jesus

Seth Godin's Advice on Nit-Pickers: Pastors and Leaders Need to Read This

Phil Cooke

Without a doubt, when the Beatles played Shea Stadium, Paul was a little out of tune. Without a doubt, the Gettysburg Address had one or two word choice issues. Without a doubt, that restaurant down the street isn't perfect.

Posted 9/29/14 at 3:18 PM The Change Revolution

You Have a Sword, Don't Be Caught Off Guard!

Margaret Brown

Memorizing Scripture makes meditation possible at times when you can't be reading the Bible, and meditation is the pathway to deeper understanding.

Posted 9/29/14 at 9:33 AM Committed Thoughts

Things Aren’t Always as They Seem

Bindings: Reflections on Faith, Life, and Good Books

As I cut my backyard, I saw my grandson's red and blue Spiderman rod and reel lying in the grass. You may remember that he fishes in the pool. He fishes without hooks so he never catches anything except imaginary big ones (like many fishermen).

The Dangers of the Fifth Gospel – Real Christianity is No Buffet

Michael Bresciani

We all know of the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but have you heard of the fifth gospel? I used to call it the gospel according to the Americans ...

Posted 9/27/14 at 10:44 AM Prophecy and the News

Winning the Obesity Battle

Margaret Brown

How do we trust God and win in this very personal battle of overeating? How do we learn to trust Him? It sounds so simple but HOW is it done?

Posted 9/26/14 at 4:56 PM Committed Thoughts

The Antichrist and the Muslim Mahdi (Part 1)

Michael Youssef

Many people—religious and non-religious—are asking questions about a word they hear the media use when referring to ISIS and other Islamist jihadists. That word is apocalyptic ...

Posted 9/26/14 at 12:05 PM Christianity in Today's America

God Always Had A Plan For Us

Margaret Brown

Christians are children of God, and He has so much planned for us. He handpicked each of us for a service to Him that only we can fulfill. His plans are far above man’s plans, and His plans are right and trustworthy.

Posted 9/26/14 at 7:17 AM Committed Thoughts

Why Talking about Mortality with Your Loved Ones Isn't Morbid, but a Gift

Christian Post Guest Voices

Years ago when my children were still at home, before leaving on trips, sometimes I said to them, “I’m not expecting anything to happen, but remember, if it does, I’ll see you again in Heaven.”

Posted 9/25/14 at 2:32 PM Guest Views
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