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Editor's Pick

3 Things All Christians Can Learn From Pokemon Go

I cannot believe I’m actually writing this post, but it would be a huge miss not to write something that takes advantage of our world’s most recent social phenomenon. Have you heard?

What if You Divorced for the Wrong Reasons?

I hold both of these truths to be self-evident: sometimes women can be verbally and emotionally abused without other people understanding the extent of it, and need to get out of that marriage; and sometimes women claim that they are verbally and emotionally abused when they simply want to leave.

How Can We Keep Youth in the Church?

It’s a question church experts are desperate to answer: Why are so many young people leaving the church after high school? More importantly, what can be done to stop it?

Rescue Your Life From Bondage to Your Emotions

“Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh”. ” (Galatians 5:16) Brothers and sisters. If you would be spiritually mature and successful in the Christian life, you must rescue your spiritual life from bondage to your emotions.” –J. Sidlow Baxter

The Most Misused Text in the Bible

“Being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God will come, He answered them, ‘The kingdom of God is not coming with something observable; no one will say, ‘Look here!’ or ‘There!’ For you see, the kingdom of God is among you” (Luke 17:20-21).

6 Healthy Habits to Give Your Brain a Boost | As far as physical fitness goes, most people have a general idea about what needs to be done to stay in good shape.

9 Manufacturing Trends & Predictions for 2015 2015 will likely be a pivotal year in the manufacturing sector.

Rebuilding Your Sex Life With Your Spouse After Years of Refusing Sex

Most of you who read this blog regularly are here because you want to make your marriage better. Some of you may be in a great stage of marriage and just want to make sure it stays that way..

Islamic State will conquer Europe, militants tell embedded German journalist

By Mark Ellis and Michael Ashcraft After visiting Islamic State-occupied territory at great risk, a German journalist called the extremist organization a “movement with the power of a nuclear bomb” after returning home last week.

Sodom and G'America

Perilous times have arrived in our great country. We are losing ground in what was once the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Why I Stopped Watching The Walking Dead

It’s official. I don’t watch AMC’s The Walking Dead anymore. Without a doubt, I have always been an action movie kind of guy and am the sort that believes it’s a crying shame that Arnold Schwarzenegger has never received an Oscar.

Blogger of the week
Robin Schumacher

Predestination and God’s Sovereign Choice

Choose to Say Yes

Christian Post Guest Voices

When routine hits a plateau and I’m no longer being challenged, I realize that I need to step outside of what’s most comfortable in exchange for something that’s not.

Posted 10/25/16 at 7:42 AM Guest Views

Fear Not! God Is On Your Side!

Christian Post Guest Voices

God has a wonderful plan for each of our lives. Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Posted 10/25/16 at 7:45 AM Guest Views

My Husband Doesn’t Want Any More Kids. I Do.

Christian Post Guest Voices

What do you do when you desperately want more children, but your husband says he’s done?

Posted 10/25/16 at 7:55 AM Guest Views

The Crucial Importance of Voting with a Christian Conscience

Christian Post Guest Voices

Throw your political affiliation out the window! But you’re a loyal Democrat. Or perhaps instead, you’re a loyal Republican. Never mind that. Your political affiliation is not that important.

Posted 10/4/16 at 11:55 AM Guest Views

American Idol star Jason Castro publicly confesses porn addiction, puts Jesus first

Mark Ellis

He was one of four finalists during the 2008 season of American Idol, then the singer’s rendition of “Hallelujah” went to the number one spot on the iTunes singles chart. But since his late teens he had been harboring an “awkward” secret: “I hate to say this. It’s embar

Posted 10/4/16 at 12:26 PM God Reports

American Style Poverty

Karen Kramer

Panhandlers aren’t new to Seattle, but she happened to be sitting outside the restaurant where I wanted to grab a veggie wrap.

Posted 10/6/16 at 11:50 AM Friday Tidings

For the Love of Truth

Karen Kramer

We hope that love and truth will live together.That doesn't always happen.

Posted 10/20/16 at 2:20 PM Friday Tidings

American church leaders held in Turkey will be deported

Mark Ellis

Turkish officials in the coastal city of Izmir have been holding American church leaders Andrew and Norine Brunson since October 7th and denying access to them by U.S. consular officials and lawyers. The Turkish Interior Ministry has also ordered the couple’s deportation within 15

Posted 10/14/16 at 3:46 PM God Reports

An introspective: humility and fear of the Lord

Larry Fell

Contradictory, oxymoronic, counterintuitive. These are all words that carry connotations of the same principle...something seems out of whack.

Posted 10/14/16 at 10:34 PM In His Name

How One Abandoned Baby Inspired Linda Znachko to Say Yes to God

Audra Jennings

When the evening news reported an abandoned baby had been found dead in a local dumpster, Linda Znachko's comfortable life changed. She was suddenly convicted, knowing God wanted her to provide a dignified burial for this tiny

Posted 10/13/16 at 3:21 PM Food for the Soul
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