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Editor's Pick

Do You Have a Healthy Relationship with Money?

Many people live their lives thinking, “If I just had a bigger salary, I would be happier.” They live life with ongoing and often unexamined tension related to money, finding themselves unable to escape the credit-card trap or free themselves from the fear of not having enough for the futur

What Lousy Grammer Says About Us

I was sent the following email from someone trying to sell me a service…. Hi There, I was sent you an mail regarding Web Listing hope you are found it. This is an follow-up email for you, Interested in our proposal or not? Let us know if you are interested, I am waiting here your valuable r

How Can We Keep Youth in the Church?

It’s a question church experts are desperate to answer: Why are so many young people leaving the church after high school? More importantly, what can be done to stop it?

Rescue Your Life From Bondage to Your Emotions

“Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh”. ” (Galatians 5:16) Brothers and sisters. If you would be spiritually mature and successful in the Christian life, you must rescue your spiritual life from bondage to your emotions.” –J. Sidlow Baxter

The Most Misused Text in the Bible

“Being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God will come, He answered them, ‘The kingdom of God is not coming with something observable; no one will say, ‘Look here!’ or ‘There!’ For you see, the kingdom of God is among you” (Luke 17:20-21).

6 Healthy Habits to Give Your Brain a Boost | As far as physical fitness goes, most people have a general idea about what needs to be done to stay in good shape.

9 Manufacturing Trends & Predictions for 2015 2015 will likely be a pivotal year in the manufacturing sector.

Rebuilding Your Sex Life With Your Spouse After Years of Refusing Sex

Most of you who read this blog regularly are here because you want to make your marriage better. Some of you may be in a great stage of marriage and just want to make sure it stays that way..

Islamic State will conquer Europe, militants tell embedded German journalist

By Mark Ellis and Michael Ashcraft After visiting Islamic State-occupied territory at great risk, a German journalist called the extremist organization a “movement with the power of a nuclear bomb” after returning home last week.

Sodom and G'America

Perilous times have arrived in our great country. We are losing ground in what was once the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Why I Stopped Watching The Walking Dead

It’s official. I don’t watch AMC’s The Walking Dead anymore. Without a doubt, I have always been an action movie kind of guy and am the sort that believes it’s a crying shame that Arnold Schwarzenegger has never received an Oscar.

Blogger of the week
Robin Schumacher

Predestination and God’s Sovereign Choice

The United States Number One Enemy: Barack Obama

Greg Holt

When you think of the United States, and the gravest danger we face as a country and a people, what or whom comes to mind? ISIS, or maybe Iran or North Korea – since they all threaten to wipe the great Satan off the face off the Earth? Maybe it’s Russian aggression or the supposed climate change

Posted 5/25/16 at 8:36 PM Olive News and Commentary

PTSD Casts Shadow on Memorial Day Celebrations

Welby O'Brien

More than just another day off and the segue into summer, Memorial Day and other patriotic holidays are a time for reflecting, supporting and giving thanks for the sacrifices our heroes have made for us.

Posted 5/25/16 at 5:22 PM Love Our Vets-PTSD Family Support

Perfection Is Not Always Perfect!

Marianne Kurtz

Think of any looks perfect but it's rarely's done in EXCELLENCE and that, to me, is a state of mind. Doing it to the BEST of your ability, that's what matters in everything.

Posted 5/24/16 at 10:32 AM The Diary of A Single Mom

Abuse survivor leads women on a journey to heal

Audra Jennings

A woman who was sexually abused as a child can wrestle her whole adult life with questions such as, Am I worthless? How can I move past the hurt? Do I matter to God? This internal turbulence can carve a deep hole in an

Posted 5/20/16 at 12:59 PM Food for the Soul

Do We Know What it Means to Serve our Husbands?

Christian Post Guest Voices

Have you ever really studied your husband? I mean really studied him? Do you know what makes him tick? Do you know what makes him discouraged, and what makes him feel like he can take on the world? Do you know what his biggest fear is, and what his biggest success is?

Posted 5/19/16 at 9:57 AM Guest Views

What Is Unconditional Love Anyway?

Marianne Kurtz

Is unconditional love, love that doesn’t judge our actions? Are we supposed to judge each other’s action? What is the difference between loving a person where they are and telling them the truth in love? If you don’t tell them the truth does that mean you don’t love them?

Posted 5/16/16 at 4:36 PM The Diary of A Single Mom

8 Characteristics of People Who Don’t Fit Well on a Team

Ron Edmondson

Have you ever heard the phrase “odd person out”? It means you don’t fit. You don’t measure up for some reason. You are excluded. Being odd person out can hurt if for some unfair reason one is descriminated against.

Posted 5/11/16 at 11:28 AM Ron Edmondson Personal Page

Should I Tell My Husband I Fantasize/Fake It?

Christian Post Guest Voices

If you’re faking orgasm or fantasizing while you make love, should you confess to your husband?

Posted 5/11/16 at 11:20 AM Guest Views

Why Now is the Time to Create a Safe Environment

Trace Embry

The 21st century has produced opportunities for kids to be entertained around the clock.

Posted 5/10/16 at 7:25 PM License to Parent

Harriet Tubman: She followed the voice of God

Mark Ellis

She earned the nickname of ‘Moses’ because she led so many of her people from bondage in the house of slavery to the promised land of freedom along the Underground Railroad.

Posted 5/5/16 at 1:01 PM God Reports
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