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Editor's Pick


Online Dating Profile Tips for Men

Many men seem to be at a loss for words – literally – providing some of the shortest responses we have ever seen. Take a little more time to communicate on that profile.


Conversations of the Crucifixion Brings New Perspective to Easter

Adapted from a 2011 Palm Sunday play, Conversations of the Crucifixion changes Christians' understanding of Easter by examining the symbolism that surrounded Jesus' death burial and resurrection.


Is He or She The One? 10 Things to Consider

How do you know if your partner is "the one" for you? While some "just know," most people said there were certain signs which clued them in ... here's some dating advice we discovered when we asked numerous couples.


Is Raising of Lazarus From the Dead the Greatest Miracle?

Probably the greatest miracle Jesus performed was the raising of Lazarus from the dead. You all know the story. Jesus was some distance away from the town of Bethany when he heard of his friend Lazarus being gravely ill.


The Best News Ever in a World Filled With Bad News

In the past, people either accepted or rejected Christ's resurrection as a fact of history. But in today's post-modern culture—where most of the "thinking" takes place between the nose and the chin—people are apt to say, "Jesus rose from the dead? So what?"


8 Ways our View of the Bible Impacts Preaching

Nothing is more important for the long-term health of a Church than its preaching, and nothing more impacts preaching than a preacher’s view of the Bible.


Failure; a Child's Path to Success

The day we decided children couldn't be allowed to fail is the day we determined they would not learn how to succeed. It is a natural inclination for all parents to want to protect their children.


Why Your Boss is the Key to Your Future

At some point or another, everyone has boss problems. I’ve worked for bosses who were the owner’s son or daughter, and were completely incompetent. There are fine leaders out there who are second generation, but in my career, I’ve worked for some real losers.

Salvation by Faith

The False Teachers: Pope Francis

A few weeks ago I set out on a series of articles through which I am scanning the history of the church—from its earliest days all the way to the present time—to examine some of Christianity's most notable false teachers.

Children Suffering

If Jesus Loves the Little Children, Why Do So Many Suffer?

Sometimes the pain of seeing people suffer is almost too much too handle. Our families who adopt children from poverty-stricken developing countries like Ethiopia or Ghana tell us that, when they return to their homes, they are overwhelmed by what they have seen.


Seven Easter Declarations People are Dying to Hear

It's Easter, preacher. What are you preaching? Don't preach about Springtime, as much as we all love it. This is not the day for that. Stay on track.


Should Churches Be Tax Exempt?

Why is your church tax exempt? Why should it continue to be tax exempt? If I were to sit down and ask you these questions, would you have a clear and coherent answer? I suspect this is something we seldom think about.

Christian Fiction

Murder Simply Brewed - A Mystery Novel about Faith in the Midst of Uncertainty

God is sovereign even when surrounding circumstances are beyond your control. This lesson is evident in Vannetta Chapman’s latest book Murder Simply Brewed (Zondervan).


Showing Up on Easter

Jesus is crucified, his body taken away. The religious rulers are satisfied. They’ve won. They handled this challenge to their authority by hinting to the Romans that they could have an insurrection on their hands if they didn't take care of this peasant leader.


Jesus' Open Posture and "The Open Table"

One of the many qualities that people admire about Jesus was his open posture toward people who were often excluded from the table.


Love People, Not Their Idols

It's easy to confuse loving a person with loving a person's idols. We typically make this mistake when someone loses something or wants something. This happens all the time in Christian circles.


Investing Without Money

Taking a break from the waiting room, I walked down the hospital corridor. That’s when I saw her name boldly engraved on a large plaque over the double doors. Mrs. L. was wealthy enough to have paid for the entire hospital, so seeing a wing named after her wasn’t surprising.


Things I’ve Learned as a Writer

I’ve enjoyed telling stories since I was a child sharing tales with other neighborhood kids. In school, my teachers often praised my papers, and English was my favorite subject. In college, I started a journal to process my spiritual journey.


Fatherhood of God: Forgiveness

"But You are a God of forgiveness," the Levites prayed on behalf of the repentant people of God (Nehemiah 9:17). What a marvelous declaration!

Blogger of the week
Jeffrey Goodman

Four Blood Moons

Issue Spotlight
Tim Challies

The Preacher's Cheat-Sheet

Miracle at Christian Day Care Center in Afghanistan – Terrorists Went in Wrong Gate

Mark Ellis

Five Taliban attackers targeted what they thought was an underground church celebrating its first anniversary in Kabul.

Posted 4/18/14 at 8:03 PM God Reports

Remembering The Fullness of Christ's Love

Sunny Shell

While Jesus was fully aware of the utter torment and anguish He was about to endure that very night, His thoughts were not on Himself and what horrors would befall Him, but His full attention and love were fixed on His beloved apostles.

Posted 4/18/14 at 2:46 AM Abandoned to Christ

The Garden Tomb: Where Jesus May Have Been Buried

Barry Bowen

The Garden Tomb is a popular tourist spot for Christians visiting Jerusalem. Some people believe this is where Jesus was buried after his crucifixion.

Posted 4/18/14 at 12:04 PM Time for Everything

Spike, the Imperfect Easter Messenger

Karen Farris

We heard him before we saw him. Heads turned as his motorcycle pulled to a stop near the group standing outside enjoying the sun before the church service. Eyes discreetly followed as he made his way toward the gathering.

Posted 4/18/14 at 9:19 AM Friday Tidings

10 Reasons Why Men Have So Much Difficulty Making Friends

Christian Post Guest Voices

"Will you be my friend?" When was the last time you said this or were asked this? If you’re male, probably aged eight or thereabouts. Could you even begin to imagine asking it as an adult?

Posted 4/17/14 at 4:19 PM Guest Views

The Three Days Each Week the Pastor Should Turn off his Computer

Christian Post Guest Voices

This is for pastors on the subject of sermon preparation. The most vulnerable time for any sermon is in the couple of days prior to its delivery.

Posted 4/17/14 at 10:52 AM Guest Views

A Vineyard Pastor’s Response To Ken Wilson’s Book, “A Letter To My Congregation”

Duke Taber

In the mid 1980′s my own uncle entered into a gay lifestyle. He walked away from the church and chose to indulge his sexual desires. For 15 years my family loved him and welcomed him and never rejected him ...

Posted 4/16/14 at 11:46 PM Small Town Preacher - Big Time God

Missing Jesus

Tim Challies

The book begins with the premise that sometimes we all feel like we’re missing something. We have put our faith in Christ and we are following him, attempting to live in obedience to him, and yet something still seems to be missing. We’re left wanting more.

Posted 4/17/14 at 8:58 AM Overflow

What Happened on Saturday?

George W. Sarris

As we look forward to celebrating Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, the question naturally comes up, “What happened on Saturday?”

Posted 4/16/14 at 6:07 PM Engaging the Culture

Pres. Obama Lauds Pope, Affirms Faith in Jesus at Easter Prayer Breakfast

Mark Ellis

President Barack Obama spoke to faith leaders gathered at the White House April 14th for the annual Easter Prayer Breakfast, affirming his Christian faith and acknowledging his deep admiration for Pope Francis.

Posted 4/16/14 at 2:19 PM God Reports

So, God Can't Use You? Ha!

Christian Post Guest Voices

I heard the testimony of the fellow who was working on the Graham dairy farm in Charlotte, NC, in the 1930s, the worker who took Billy Graham to the Mordecai Ham crusade where he gave his heart to Christ.

Posted 4/16/14 at 11:43 AM Guest Views

Prayer List: 71 Killed in Nigerian Bombing

Prayer Concerns

On Monday 71 people died when a bomb was detonated during rush hour. Reuters also reported that "124 were wounded in the first attack on the federal capital in two years."

Posted 4/15/14 at 9:56 PM Prayer Concerns

Personal Goal: Pray for the Salvation of 1 Million People by Name

Prayer Concerns

Some people have a life list or bucket list: goals to accomplish in their lifetime. In 2006 I developed such a list and included the goal of praying for one million people by name for their salvation.

Posted 4/15/14 at 2:20 PM Prayer Concerns
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