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Editor's Pick


Rob Peabody Asks Us to Reject Status-Quo Christianity

When living what you believe to be a good Christian life still leaves you feeling empty, you might begin to wonder: Do I really know what it means to follow Christ?


Prayer List: Five Leaders of Terrorist Group ISIS

The terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has killed Christians, destroyed Christian churches and Shiite mosques, and robbed the Iraqi Central Bank of $425 million.


Twice as many British Muslims Fighting for ISIS than in UK Armed Forces

A British Member of Parliament has made a startling claim: Now there are more than twice as many British Muslims fighting for ISIS than there are serving in the British armed forces, according to a report in Newsweek.

Future of America

What Happens When America Shuns God?

It is with great sadness and trepidation that we have begun to see the unfolding of what the final book in the Bible, the book of Revelations has prophesied: America has begun to shun God! It has become apparent in everything.


10 Minutes to World War III

Their beheading of American journalist Jim Foley was the ultimate recruitment film. Young men are flocking to join their ranks because they yearn to behead the infidels. In case you need a reminder, we are infidels.


Is the Abortion Argument Changing?

Suffering is not pleasant—most of us can agree on that. Suffering though, no matter how unpleasant, is something we all share. We all have moments of pain and sorrow to different degrees.


Ukrainian Civil War Creates Urgent Need

Last week, I received an urgent email from our partner, Bethany Social Services Ukraine. As you know, Ukraine is locked in a vicious struggle that has claimed the lives of 2,500 people in the last three months.


Four Rules to Simplify Christian Dating

When Josh Harris wrote I Kissed Dating Goodbye, he had good intentions. He was reacting against the casual, recreational, aimless dating that had come to dominate the American landscape.


The Power of Habit

Habits are tricky things. We are more than our habits, but certainly not less. We live so much of our lives according to our habits, but still remain responsible for what we do and what we do not do.


Driscoll's Ministry Coach on Leaders Who Last

A few years ago I read and reviewed Leaders Who Last by Dave Kraft, a professional ministry coach who helped bring Mark Driscoll through a past crisis of leadership.


Bubba Caught Himself a Keeper

He would take Ginger fishing. While she wasn’t watching, he planned to tie the ring to the end of a line, cast it out, and then get her to reel it in. Once she had the ring in her hand he planned pop the question.


The Easiest Texts are Often the Hardest to Preach

The saying that “familiarity breeds contempt” carries a great deal of truth, although we’re not suggesting familiar texts and well-known truths are anything less than the inspired Word of God.


Faith Hacking: A Simple Method to Organize Your Prayers

As I read, as I listen to sermons, as I speak to people, I am always looking for insights on how other Christians live out their faith in practical ways.


Movie Review: 'Leaving Limbo' Waking After 19 Years

"Leaving Limbo" is an honest and refreshing look at the life of its main character, Monica, who has miraculously awaken from a 19-year coma. It was based on the stage play "My Wonderful Coma" by the same playwright Sandy Boikin.

Government Regulations

Can the Government Control Your Conscience?

When the Washington State Pharmacy Board required pharmacies in the state to stock and dispense the “morning-after” pill, which can destroy human life in the womb, the third-generation owner of Ralph’s Thriftway made the only decision he could make.

Stories About Heaven

Died to Tell About It

My husband and I recently enjoyed the movie, Heaven is for Real, based on a true life account of a four-year-old boy’s near death experience.

Unseen God

Miracles in Israel: Hand of God Diverts Incoming Missile, Mysterious Fog Helps Troops

Despite a barrage of missiles fired at Israel by Hamas, there have been remarkably few civilian casualties, partly due to Israel’s Iron Dome defense system, but it may also be due to an unseen Defender who controls the wind and the waves.


Getting Old: What Robin Williams Feared, we all Do

I imagine even the strongest among us treat the last few years of our lives the way our Lord did the cross in one aspect at least, as something to be endured.

Blogger of the week
Robin Schumacher

Yes, Christians Can Believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Issue Spotlight
Christian Post Guest Voices

Five Important Questions for a Depressed Person

Let's Learn to Overcome Sin and Temptation

Tim Challies

I hate sin. Sin is destructive. Sin is insane. Sin is maddening. Sin is just plain stupid. Yet sin is also so alluring, so tempting, and always so close at hand. Even while we fight sin, sin fights us.

Posted 8/28/14 at 8:57 AM Overflow

Religion or the Savior – The World’s Perpetual Confusion

Michael Bresciani

Only one generation after the Beatles, John Lennon, suggested that we imagine a world with no religion; just who could imagine that religion is more profuse today than ever.

Posted 8/27/14 at 1:51 PM Prophecy and the News

Radical Author David Platt to Lead Southern Baptist Missionaries

Barry Bowen

The Southern Baptist International Mission Board selected pastor David Platt to serve as the mission agency's new president. Platt will oversee global missions efforts of more than 4,800 full time missionaries.

Posted 8/27/14 at 3:50 PM Time for Everything

The Doctrine of Election Is Our Only Hope in Evangelism

Christian Post Guest Voices

Paul seems to have been the first person to tell the Corinthians about Jesus. The response to Paul's message seemed favorable at first, but it wasn't long before Paul became the target of violent opposition.

Posted 8/27/14 at 9:44 AM Guest Views

What Will Heaven Be Like?

Jack Wellman

We use the word "its heaven" so much that it has lost much of its wonder. Think about this. Look at the news or read the headlines of the newspaper. What a dreadful sight indeed.

Posted 8/26/14 at 4:00 PM Better Than I Deserve

My Testimony: Escaping the Club Scene and Celebrity Lifestyle

Testimony Time

When I was nine years old my dad and mom sat me and my sister down in our bedroom in the new house that we had just built and told us that they were getting a divorce.

Posted 8/26/14 at 11:48 AM Testimony Time

Perhaps the Most Profound Thing our Lord Ever Said

Christian Post Guest Voices

I've sat in massive conferences among thousands of my peers and heard ignorance spouted as truth but camouflaged with alliteration and pious phrases and encouraged and affirmed by thundering echoes of "amens" and "hallelujahs".

Posted 8/26/14 at 10:08 AM Guest Views

God's Not Dead Producer Diagnosed With ALS; Christian Filmmakers Take Ice Bucket Challenge

Barry Bowen

Russell Wolfe, one of the producers of the movie God's Not Dead, revealed on Facebook that he has been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Posted 8/25/14 at 6:14 PM Time for Everything

Cultivating Your Marriage and Guarding it From Impurity

Christian Post Guest Voices

Communication is crucial. Every affair begins with deception, and most deception begins with seemingly innocent secrets such as, "she doesn't need to know this." If you're married, regularly evaluate your relationship with your spouse.

Posted 8/25/14 at 11:39 AM Guest Views

The 10 Greatest Hymns of All-Time

Tim Challies

As English-speaking Christians, we have a vast array of hymns available to us, and we each have our list of favorites. In my assessment, the best hymns are those that are universal and timeless, speaking to all Christians in all times, places, and situations.

Posted 8/25/14 at 9:35 AM Overflow

No Sequel for Mrs Doubtfire

Olabode Ososami

Just one day after his shocking suicide, beloved comic Robin Williams, 63, was secretly cremated and laid to rest off the coast of California's Marin County. His ashes were said to be scattered in the San Francisco Bay near his famed Mrs Doubtfire house.

Posted 8/25/14 at 1:33 AM Recession-proof Christian Life
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