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Editor's Pick


Courage Greatly Needed in the Pulpit and in the Pews

Can we talk about courage? This is as rare as plutonium these days, particularly among the very people who should demonstrate it most readily, the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Black Jesus on Cartoon Network

Premiering August 7th at 11:00 pm, Black Jesus is about a "black guy living in the hood". Yes, it's about Jesus, the Son of God, but the producers are mocking our Lord.


Your Brain Is Plastic

For those of us who are temperamentally and instinctively on the more melancholic side of things, there's good news. You can change your brain to think more positively and feel more cheerfully.


Let the Little Children Come

If you’ve been following the news the past couple of weeks, you’ve surely heard about the thousands of refugee children currently housed at the U.S. border. And yes, I deliberately use the word refugee rather than immigrant.


Parenting With Scripture

Author Kara Durbin knows the power teaching your children scripture; Durbin's mother “blessed” her life by parenting her with scripture.


When Friendship and Truth Clash

Around here in Southeast Louisiana you’ll see billboards that say "Friends don’t let friends eat imported crawfish." I know people in other parts of the country who would change that to say "Friends don’t let friends eat crawfish, period."


7 Different Ways to Read a Book

Reading is kind of like repairing a bicycle. Kind of. For too long now my bike has been semi-operational. It has one brake that just doesn’t want to behave and all my attempts to fix it have failed.


Do you need to be Gluten Free?

Concern over gluten intolerance is increasing in direct proportion to the growing promotion of whole grains. As a result, people are often confused regarding the role grains should play in a healthy diet.


Prayer List: Israel Troops Enter Gaza

Israeli ground troops have entered Gaza, a small territory located between Israel and Egypt. Gaza is ruled by the Islamic political party Hamas and is a "non-member observer state" of the United Nations which means it is not formally recognized as an independent nation.


Say it in a Sentence

When I was 21 I started preaching once a month at The Santa Barbara Rescue Mission. I didn’t know how to preach and I wanted to learn.

Government Intrusion

How Many Lives is our Privacy Worth?

When I used to hear about the increasing invasions of our privacy, my view was, “No big deal, I’ve got nothing to hide, so nothing to lose.”


What Does the Bible Say About Violence Against Women?

One in three women around the globe have been beaten, coerced into sex or abused. In the United States a woman is assaulted or beaten every nine minutes.


Christ Brings Freedom from our Ailments- SAGU

I am here to tell you about a true Champion. This woman walked into our first Faith and Fitness Retreat, and she wanted to tell us what she couldn’t do.


God Working in You, and You Working to Follow God

There is no contradiction between God working in you and you working to follow God. This is the nature of the spiritual partnership He establishes with us. He works, and so must we.


‘Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert’ Author Says Homophobia is a Sin

Rosaria Butterfield, a former atheist and lesbian, denounced a Christian brand of homophobia that pronounces the LGBT community “too sinful to respond to God’s call on their life” as a sin in an article for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.


What About Grandma?

The discussion about who goes to heaven and who goes to hell is not just theoretical. It’s about people. Real people. People who love and are loved by someone else.


How to Get More From a Sermon

Let’s talk about people who do not get full value from the sermons they hear. These people may be taking SERMON-BLOCKERS. When the pastor gets up to preach, they ...


Video of Boko Haram Leader: "Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill Christians!"

An AFP news service video shows a Boko Haram leader saying, "Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill Christians!" The commander also mocks the #BringBackOurGirls campaign by chanting "Bring back our army!"

Blogger of the week
Robin Schumacher

When Christians Walk Away

Issue Spotlight
Christian Post Guest Voices

10 Feelings Women Struggle With

Christian Comedian Chonda Pierce's Husband Suffers Fatal Stroke; The Queen of Clean Tweets her Spouse 'is Home'

Book Stop

Tuesday evening Chonda Pierce, the entertainer also known as the "Queen of Clean," announced her husband's death on Facebook and Twitter posting a picture of her husband along with the words "David is home."

Posted 7/23/14 at 1:19 PM Book Stop

Why Hamas Is Winning the PR Battle in the Middle East

Phil Cooke

I watched the network news last night and the featured stories on multiple channels weren’t the 1,500 rockets that have been fired into Israel by Hamas, but the Palestinian casualties caused by the Israeli army.

Posted 7/23/14 at 11:17 AM The Change Revolution

Saying Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever

Bindings: Reflections on Faith, Life, and Good Books

My husband, Chuck, and I stood on our front stoop waving to our oldest daughter as she pulled out of our driveway on her way to Tennessee. With a sly smile, Chuck uttered through clenched teeth, "She doesn't have a clue where she is going."

God is Not A Highway Patrol Officer

Justin Buzzard

Every time I pass near a Highway Patrol car I instantly assume the officer is staring directly at me and that he's staring at me because I'm in trouble.

Posted 7/22/14 at 11:35 AM Consider Jesus

What Good Does Prayer Do?

Christian Post Guest Voices

She knew I was praying for a certain family member who seems forever in some kind of predicament. She asked, "Why do you pray? I don’t see it doing any good."

Posted 7/22/14 at 11:58 AM Guest Views

The Way of Modesty is the Way of the Gospel

Scott T. Brown

A girl can dress modestly but not have a converted heart. She can clothe her body without having her heart clothed in robes of righteousness.

A Personal Amount of Marijuana Burns down 2 Million Dollars' Worth of Homes

Aida and William Spencer

While a teen with a blow torch was lighting up what some consider Massachusetts' favorite past time, toking marijuana, he managed to ignite several brand new houses including damaging the hard-earned home of one of our school's young Christian professors.

Marriage Mondays with Shaunti Feldhahn: Women, See Going Out and Doing Things Together as Romantic

Book Stop

A tip for women: Recognize that your man wants romance too, but it may mean going out and playing together; so notice and seize on things he mentions doing (sports, outdoor activities, walking the aisles of the local DIY store).

Posted 7/21/14 at 11:49 AM Book Stop

How Hope Overwhelms the Shootings at Seattle Pacific University

Bindings: Reflections on Faith, Life, and Good Books

Which of us hasn’t sorrowed at the school shootings which seem to happen regularly these days? The one at Seattle Pacific University earlier this year, however, especially affected me.

What Did Jesus Teach About Marriage

Jack Wellman

What did Jesus teach about marriage? Did He forbid divorce under any circumstances or did He allow for exceptions? Here are some Bible verses about marriage from Jesus to see what He taught about marriage.

Posted 7/19/14 at 10:46 AM Better Than I Deserve

Behind-the-Scenes: Arranging Billy Graham's First Historic Visit to North Korea

Mark Ellis

When the communist regime was installed in 1948, there were 400,000 Christians in North Korea. Unleashing a reign of terror, the government tried to exterminate all religion, installing a Marxist dynasty ruled by Kim Il-Sung and his son.

Posted 7/18/14 at 3:05 PM God Reports
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