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Editor's Pick

God has a plan in the messiness and confusion

Part 2 of an interview with Cindy Woodsmall, Author of Gathering the Threads Click here to read part 1 of the interview.

5 Financial Errors Damaging Your Credit Scores

Financial errors are related to manual and digital errors occurring in financial statements. These errors often impact the credit scores as errors in financial statement, affecting the balance sheet of credit cards. Here are some common errors which can damage your credit score.

Welcome, Pastors

And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.

8 Apps That Will Make Your Life a Lot Easier

Modern life can be difficult. Everybody seems to be in a rush all the time, there is a seemingly constant pressure to improve yourself and money can seem like nothing more than a figment of the imagination. Modern life can be a real struggle.

Top 5 Ab Workouts For Women

Ab workouts form a basic part of any workout regime. But, what makes it even tougher is the hard work you need to put in that results in only a marginal difference? Does it not appear to be waste of time? Are there any regimes and exercises that promise better and more importantly, faster results?

The beautiful sacredness in the life you are already living

Part 2 of an interview with Kari Patterson, Author of Sacred Mundane When life seems ordinary and unexciting, it is easy to slip into the mindset of being stuck and in need of a change.

Issue Spotlight
Audra Jennings

Have you invited Jesus to His party?

Dividing God’s Army

Karen Farris

Most Sunday school kids learned to sing, “I’m in the Lord’s Army.” We loved the hand motions, the marching feet, and saluting as we sang together. We truly were fighting together.

Posted 10/10/17 at 1:12 PM Friday Tidings

NFL Players Disrespect Flag, But Bow to Soros

Dr. Melvin Johnson

Though craftily manipulated, the one thing the NFL and other professional athletes have done was to bow to one person who relishes the very fact that they deplore the flag of the United States of America is a mysterious billionaire named George Soros.

Posted 10/10/17 at 6:52 PM Thinking Out Loud

15 Fascinating Facts About Smiling

Sylvie Simms

At Labbe Family Orthodontics in Annapolis, we have created this infographic on 15 fascinating facts about smiling.

Posted 10/12/17 at 6:00 AM Infographics goodness

Finding God in the Messes of Life

Audra Jennings

Part 2 of an interview with Hayley DiMarco, Author of A Woman Overwhelmed The phrase “a woman overwhelmed” is one many women can relate to. Research reveals women are more likely to admit to being stressed and suffer from depression than men — yet there is hope.

Posted 10/10/17 at 11:09 AM Food for the Soul

What is the Source of True Repentance?

Scott Brown

What is the source of true repentance? Michael Beasley explains in this video that the starting point of repentance and the source of repentance is the Spirit of God working in the heart of a sinner. It is a blessing to us that the Spirit of God brings about the conviction of sin.

Should Christians be Social Justice Warriors?

Caleb Davisson

Should Christians be Social Justice Warriors (SJWs)? The question may sound like a no-brainer. Of course Christians should be SJWs! Taking care of the poor and promoting equality are Christian pastimes, right? After all, didn't Jesus preach social justice?

Posted 10/6/17 at 8:28 PM Pastor D's Class
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