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Top 10 Naughty Valentines Day Ideas That Shower Love on You

Thu, Feb. 09, 2017 Posted: 06:23 PM

Traditionally, people are driven to be mushy and cheesy on Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just that most people probably find a good enough excuse to be more expressive about their emotions around the love month. If that’s not your thing then, how about a naughty Valentine?

Miss Behavior and Miss Demeanor.
If a more playful Valentine’s sounds more like your thing, check out these top 10 naughty Valentine’s Day ideas:

Wrap up a kinky gift.
Surprises are undoubtedly one of the best ways to hype up excitement and build pleasant thoughts and anticipation. For a subtle start to what’s about to unfold. Start creating pleasurable tension with a pair of edible undies for her and for him.

Create the ambiance.
Set the perfect background for a night of romance and plenty of sinful gratification for yourself and for your partner. Keep in mind what Woody Allen said about “sex is the most fun you can have without laughing”. It all starts with the right environment.

Drop a sexy message.
Sext, email, call or do it the old fashioned way with post it. There are just two things you need to do to ace this regardless of which channel you choose to use. First, compose the message well. Make sure it plays with his or her senses. Second, stage the delivery. If you opt to make a call, make a recording first so you can listen to yourself and make improvements. Even post-its can be sexier with a kiss mark.

Leave a sexy underwear to be found.
Hang a lingerie on the car wheel, by the door knob or, inside your lover’s bag. The point is that you should tuck it in a place where it will be surely found. You can leave a sexy note too if you prefer.

Show plenty of skin in all the right places.
Keep in mind that sometimes, less is more. You have to be so much tasteful for sensual clothes. Bodycon dresses do not always deliver the message precisely because it is showing too much skin. A high slit that shows off your thighs or a seriously low back can be so much more sensual.

Naughty Valentine’s Day ideas don’t always have to be apparent. In fact, the sexiest ones are those that are merely suggestive. Make your partner ache to touch your sultry face and soft curls too. Your outfit isn’t complete without all of these elements coming together so plan, plan, plan.

Set your official V-Day room fragrance.
Yes, that’s right. The sense of smell can help relax and intoxicate the mind at the same time. Set the tone for love and romance, and plenty of playful stares and rubbing later by getting the right mix of essential oils. Customize the scent to your own definition of perfection.

Offer to pick up your partner.
Arrive at his or her place of work with a limo and a driver. Take the back seat. Have the wine ready. Close the window and fool around but not too much. Don’t spoil the rest of the night by going straight to fifth gear.

Play a naughty game.
You can play cards or truth or dare. Whoever loses or is given a consequence draws from a deck of cards with sexy punishments written on it, such as taking off a part of your clothing or, taking a body shot of tequila on a specific erotic part of your partner’s body. Do your mutual best to finish the game. The effort will be so worth it.

Create a massage oil.
Treat your partner to a V-Day gift like none that can be bought in stores — a personal massage with a personalized oil. Beat that! Tease with your hands and allow your partner’s skin to rub yours in the most erotic zones of your body. Perform the massage in your lingerie and let him watch but not touch.

Take the plunge.
When you’re all primed up, free yourselves from inhibitions and fondle in as many ways as you can think of. Touch each other lovingly and mindfully. Exercise your sexuality by letting your partner know exactly how you want it.

Valentine’s Day is for everybody, young or old, of all personalities, and from all walks of life. How your Valentine’s Day turns out is entirely up to you.

Addie Davison