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How to Get Your Eyes Ready for a Filter Free Selfie

Thu, Jun. 29, 2017 Posted: 02:09 AM

These days, when social life has been replaced by social media time, the saying that, “a picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be truer. First impressions can make or break a person. Most people who have been sharing a piece of themselves managing their social accounts for several years know that, and, if you do, you know that you need to take only your best foot online.

Your Selfie, Filter-Free

It’s wonderful how technology has evolved to make your skin appear smoother and your overall look, totally so 10 years ago. However, wouldn’t it still be better to be able to snap that photo and not have to find the right filter to brighten your eye area?

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to be confident bare and filter-free the next time you take a selfie:


Nothing else can beat makeup when it comes to instant remedies for making your eye skin healthier and more youthful looking. Here are some ways you can use makeup to create a fine cover for your dark circles and puffy eyes that you can easily follow whether you are an expert or a beginner in makeup:

•Exfoliate. Get those dead skin off of your skin’s surface. This will also add brightness, dewiness, and volume to your skin.
•Treat. Always start your eye makeup routine with an eye cream to plump up your skin. Better yet, use Rodan + Fields Redefine Acute Care for a significant wrinkle lift overnight.
•Correct, cover then conceal. Use a combination of pigmented concealers to neutralize dark pigments around your eyes. Spread and blend in your foundation. End with a concealer in your natural skin tone to blot out any more pigmentation that shows through your skin.
•Beautify. Put on your eyeliner and fake a blush. Take Rachel Bilson’s advice when she said, “I dust my cheeks and eyelids with bronzing powder for a natural glow.” Don’t forget to curl up your eyelashes, put on your falsies or, get an extension done.

2.Add an eye cream to your day time and night time routines.

For the more longer term, buildable improvements, you will have to rely on eye products to do that. You should have two sets — one for the morning and another for the evening. Your daytime eye product must be packed with protection and fold in sunscreen and antioxidants in the formula. As for your evening eye cream, you need loads of antioxidants still, most especially Niacinamide, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, but also peptides, ceramides, skin brightening ingredients, and plumping hyaluronic acid.

3.Boost your weekly eye skin care.

Since the skin around your eye area is too thin and delicate, you do need to give it more attention. Take time to perform eye masks or concoct DIY eye skin revitalizers, including avocados, papayas, and berries, to revitalize your tired eyes. Treating your eye skin to a twice weekly Rodan and Fields anti-aging Redefine regimen that includes the use of Acute Care, R+F’s moisturizing eye patches, can also add a lift to your eye skin’s health.

4. Hydrate.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day, and don’t allow yourself to become dehydrated. Fresh fruit and veggie smoothies are also helpful. Use an eye dropper if you have chronically dry and tired eyes, keeping the area from becoming dehydrated which, in turn, helps prevent puffiness and skin darkening.

5.Sign up for eye skin treatment.

You should look up treatments such as lasers and radiofrequency therapy. The first works best for smoothening out your wrinkles, whereas the latter works better for addressing puffy eyes and saggy skin around your eye area.

6.Consider getting a Botox or a dermal filler.

Make sure that you understand fully the risks involved, and that these will need to be maintained continuously once you get started on injections.

7.Find your best smile and angle.

Photographs, no matter how HD or high-tech these can be these days take certain techniques to be perfected. Other than making sure to take your photos in a well-lighted room (Tip: natural light produces glowing skin), make sure to smile gently so as not to wrinkle your eye area too much.


There may be nothing that a good filter cannot fix. Still, nothing will ever beat naturally gorgeous and glowing skin. Take the time to invest on your eye skin. It’s worth every resource you got to give.

Addie Davison