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How to start a blog and create amazing content ideas for it?

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Today a lot of people are starting blogs and online businesses. Creating a blog is not difficult but many people find creating regular content to be a tough job. Blogging is not as easy as it looks. Website maintenance and content creation are the two important pillars of blogging.
In this post, we are going to discuss some important points that will help you build a better blog.

Selecting a website platform (CMS) for your blog

There are many platforms or content management systems you can use to build websites and blogs. WordPress, Joomla, Magento are a some of the popular website building platforms. Majority of bloggers and online business owners prefer WordPress for building blogs. This is because installing WordPress is quick and easy and it is also easily customizable without the knowledge of coding and computer languages. You can choose from readily built WordPress themes for your blog interface. There are numerous free themes that are available with WordPress.org. Most of them are attractive and suitable for you to start off with your blogging journey. You can also buy premium themes if you have the budget.

Selecting a suitable web hosting to host your blog

Choosing the right type of web hosting for your blog is a must. You should check on traffic, bandwidth, customer support you will be getting and the mainly the reputation of the hosting provider. Getting hosting from a reputed provider promises a good customer support and quality hosting server.
There are different types of web hosting available for different purposes. For your brand new blog getting shared hosting or VPS hosting can be the best option. VPS hosting is cheap and reliable with good features and you can anytime shift to dedicated hosting when your blog grows and gets high traffic. Cheap VPS hosting providers are a good place to start. Many of them provide unlimited traffic and unmetered bandwidth VPS servers. This proves to be a good option because it is economical and VPS hosting is scalable. You can install WordPress with one click install feature that is provided through c-panel of the hosting account.

Creating content for your blog

Selecting a Niche:

Content creation is the most critical part of blogging because it demands time and creativity. Since you are starting a blog you have probably selected a niche for creating content. You can also create a multi-niche blog that discusses a variety of topics.

Creating content:

Before you start creating or writing content you need to generate ideas for content. Remember content is a linguistic design of ideas and concepts presented in a textual form that appeals to the readers. That is the sole reason readers stick to blogs and they visit blogs repeatedly and regularly. Generating ideas is a tough job compared to writing content. If you want to build a loyal audience you need to generate more and more ideas to write content around them.

Tips for generating ideas:

1. Read popular blogs and get to know the trending topics in your niche.
2. Read news and find the latest advancements in your niche.
3. Think of the problems your readers want to get solved.
4. Brainstorm and create ideas that you can build content around
5. Try to think differently on every topic and find a new perspective you can provide.
6. Think on the related things of the topics that you read and hear.
7. Go to forums read the hot topics. They are the topics that majority of people are interested in.
8. Visit question answer sites like Quora and Yahoo answers which will help you figure out the discussion topics you would write on.

These tips will help you create generic and niche specific ideas for writing interesting articles.

Tips for finding multi-niche ideas

1. Read popular news and infotainment sites to know the trending issues.
2. Read celebrity gossip blogs that can help you generated ideas in that niche.
3. See infotainment TV channels that will give you an insane number of content ideas.
4. Think and brainstorm on social and other human affairs to find evergreen content ideas.
5. Join Facebook groups of different topics health, business, internet, technology, parenting, mental health, etc.

Tips to add a unique tilt to your content

1. Think what are the things that nobody is thinking of. Utilize them in your content.
2. Write in an original tone and interactive voice.
3. Try to entertain readers with trendy topics.
4. Provide value with original insights on existing topics.
5. Write on frontiers of technology and medicine.
6. Deploy copywriting hacks the product review or landing pages to make readers take the desired action.
7. Write from the heart and give readers the satisfaction of helpful content.


These are some of the idea generation and content creation tips that will help you create better content. You need to post regularly. More the content ideas you generate more content you can produce and more traffic you get. We often get amazing ideas during our waking hours but thinking on them and creating interesting conversation around them can help you create awesome content for your blog.

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