10 DIY Simple Effective Tips for Lip Care

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Posted 11/3/17 at 2:07 PM | Addie Davison

Is Chiropractic Care Medicine or Religion?

Over recent years, chiropractic care has become an increasingly popular option for many people suffering from a range of joint and back problems. There are lots of people that are not keen to take traditional medication to treat pain and discomfort so they turn to this type of holistic approach. However, the question is just what is chiropractic?

When it comes to back pain remedies, a lot of people turn to this type of treatment. But is chiropractic classed as medicine, nature, or religion? Well, in its early days, many people thought of this type of treatment as some sort of religious cult. At the same time, the founders of Chiropractic actually renounced modern medicine and Christianity. In short, there was a lot of confusion of what chiropractic was for many years – and still is today.


Posted 10/23/17 at 1:56 AM | Addie Davison

How to start a blog and create amazing content ideas for it?

Today a lot of people are starting blogs and online businesses. Creating a blog is not difficult but many people find creating regular content to be a tough job. Blogging is not as easy as it looks. Website maintenance and content creation are the two important pillars of blogging.
In this post, we are going to discuss some important points that will help you build a better blog.

Selecting a website platform (CMS) for your blog

There are many platforms or content management systems you can use to build websites and blogs. WordPress, Joomla, Magento are a some of the popular website building platforms. Majority of bloggers and online business owners prefer WordPress for building blogs. This is because installing WordPress is quick and easy and it is also easily customizable without the knowledge of coding and computer languages. You can choose from readily built WordPress themes for your blog interface. There are numerous free themes that are available with WordPress.org. Most of them are attractive and suitable for you to start off with your blogging journey. You can also buy premium themes if you have the budget.

Selecting a suitable web hosting to host your blog FULL POST

Posted 10/14/17 at 8:39 AM | Addie Davison

How to Keep Stuff in Your Storage Unit Safe from Damage

Some conditions can have an adverse effect on the stuff you keep in storage units. It is therefore necessary to put mechanisms in place to ensure that whatever you keep in your storage units Rancho Cordova is well protected. Some of the common occurrences that can affect your stuff negatively are fire and water. However, there are other natural occurrences that can wreak havoc to your stuff. While some of these may be out of your control, there are others that you can avoid easily and even prevent. When you know what to expect, you will be able to take the necessary steps to safeguard the stuff you store in your storage unit. Here are how to guard your stuff against them.

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1. Keep important items in air tight containers

This can damage even your most precious belongings if it is not controlled. Besides arranging your items on shelves inside the storage units, identify items that are most likely to be affected by moisture and place them in containers that are air tight. Doing this ensure that no water gets inside. Keep your paper document, clothes and other items that can get damaged by water in in plastic containers to keep them from coming into contact with moisture FULL POST

Posted 10/9/17 at 8:42 AM | Addie Davison

5 Financial Errors Damaging Your Credit Scores

Financial errors are related to manual and digital errors occurring in financial statements. These
errors often impact the credit scores as errors in financial statement, affecting the balance sheet
of credit cards. Here are some common errors which can damage your credit score.

1. Late payments

An on-time payment consists of 35 percent of credit score, but that does not mean that one
delayed payment will disturb your credit score. Nevertheless, if you have a history of late
payments, you will suffer badly through it. Same is the case with balance sheet error of late
payments. If a payment is marked by mistake as late in the balance sheet, it will not be reverted
till the person requests the bank to ‘fix my credit’. The person in this scenario should remain
vigilant and asked the bank authorities to revert his balance statement after rectifying the errors.

2. Increasing Debt Ratio FULL POST

Posted 10/9/17 at 2:09 AM | Addie Davison

Your Financial Network is a Bullseye to Hazardous and Unpredictable DDOS Attacks.

With the advent of continuously evolving technology, it has become possible for troublemakers to create hazards for online businesses. DDOS attacks are one of the hazards, the worst nightmare of every webmaster. In a DDOS- Distributed Denial of Service attack a system of dedicated computers attacks web servers and make them unresponsive and virtually unavailable for real uses. The servers get saturated with responses and cannot interact with networks from which real users seek access to the websites. DDOS attacks flood websites with a large number of sudden incoming connections requests and messages that consume the entire traffic and the speed limit of the servers. This crashes websites and makes them unavailable for legitimate users.
Not all webmasters are aware about the possibilities of these attacks but they can affect anyone anytime. Year 2016 showed the prominence of DDOS attacks as many organized attacks were reported during the year. Some of the online properties and organizations associated with Rio Olympics 2016 faced several months long DDOS attacks which affected their operations to a greater extent. If big organizations can be targeted for these attacks, small companies and enterprises are a very easy prey for the troublemakers. New DDOS protection technologies are being developed to prevent such attacks. FULL POST

Posted 6/29/17 at 2:09 AM | Addie Davison

How to Get Your Eyes Ready for a Filter Free Selfie

These days, when social life has been replaced by social media time, the saying that, “a picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be truer. First impressions can make or break a person. Most people who have been sharing a piece of themselves managing their social accounts for several years know that, and, if you do, you know that you need to take only your best foot online.

Your Selfie, Filter-Free

It’s wonderful how technology has evolved to make your skin appear smoother and your overall look, totally so 10 years ago. However, wouldn’t it still be better to be able to snap that photo and not have to find the right filter to brighten your eye area?

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to be confident bare and filter-free the next time you take a selfie:


Nothing else can beat makeup when it comes to instant remedies for making your eye skin healthier and more youthful looking. Here are some ways you can use makeup to create a fine cover for your dark circles and puffy eyes that you can easily follow whether you are an expert or a beginner in makeup: FULL POST

Posted 4/18/17 at 5:12 AM | Addie Davison

Wake Up! It’s Late! First Day Of Spring Has Already Come And Gone

cute spring dresses

If you’re still wondering what to wear this Spring, too bad you’re late but, there’s still time to leapfrog you to become this fashion season’s finest and most stylish creation. Have we got the five most popular looks lined up for you. So, don’t grab those car keys just yet. We highly recommend you keep reading to find out what you should be shopping for.

Spring’s Finest Rewards

Give those layering outfits a break until the cold months come around once again. Even as you long for simpler, cooler outfits to beat the surging heat, it pays to always choose to be a cut above the rest. Sometimes, the only way that you can achieve that is by choosing elegance. By elegance, you should gain more comfort, not more pain and discomfort which is a common myth. Top brass designer Giorgio Armani shares, "Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered”. FULL POST

Posted 3/9/17 at 1:56 AM | Addie Davison

Here are The Easy Tricks to Get Rid From Acne

Acne is a tricky skin condition, most especially when it is severe. A lot of people struggle with it throughout their lives. A breakout can appear out of nowhere, even among adults who didn’t experience the condition when they were adolescents. In many cases, the treatment seems to be adding up to the problem rather than resolving it..

What you must know about acne.
The real reason why acne causes so much trouble is that it is commonly misunderstood. Although the root causes of acne have yet to be determined, countless studies have demonstrated how this particular skin condition may be related to the body’s immune response and brain-skin interactions. Its workings are suspected to be the same mechanisms for which eczema and psoriasis have been observed to be affected as well.

The top causes of acne are:
•hormonal changes
•chronic stress
•poor health
•poor diet and lack of exercise
•poor hygiene and incorrect skincare routine
•harsh and irritating products
•dirty and polluted environments FULL POST

Posted 2/15/17 at 4:10 PM | Addie Davison

How to avoid dry skin and look polished in winters?

Dry skin leads a squad of skin damages that includes flaky skin, skin that has lost its elasticity, wrinkle prone and at high risk of developing premature signs of skin ageing. Diane Von Furstenberg was being insightful when she said that, “Aging is out of your control. How you handle it, though, is in your hands.”

Controlling dry skin.

Dry skin in winter can be the start of an unhealthy shift in your skin condition, one that can lead to the manifestations of many signs of damaged and aged skin. Listed below are some tips by which you can tame your uncooperative skin during the winter months:

Tip No. 1: Set up your indoor environment.
There’s not much that you can do about the chilly winds blowing away the snow flakes all around you in winter. Yet, there are at least two things that you can do to alter your indoor environment so that it becomes conducive in harboring nothing but pure, unadulterated skin. FULL POST

Posted 2/9/17 at 6:23 PM | Addie Davison

Top 10 Naughty Valentines Day Ideas That Shower Love on You

Traditionally, people are driven to be mushy and cheesy on Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just that most people probably find a good enough excuse to be more expressive about their emotions around the love month. If that’s not your thing then, how about a naughty Valentine?

Miss Behavior and Miss Demeanor.
If a more playful Valentine’s sounds more like your thing, check out these top 10 naughty Valentine’s Day ideas:

Wrap up a kinky gift.
Surprises are undoubtedly one of the best ways to hype up excitement and build pleasant thoughts and anticipation. For a subtle start to what’s about to unfold. Start creating pleasurable tension with a pair of edible undies for her and for him.

Create the ambiance.
Set the perfect background for a night of romance and plenty of sinful gratification for yourself and for your partner. Keep in mind what Woody Allen said about “sex is the most fun you can have without laughing”. It all starts with the right environment. FULL POST

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