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Protect Your Aging Skin to Get that Natural Glow

Wed, Oct. 05, 2016 Posted: 02:44 AM

If you’ve been dealing with your aging skin for some time, you should know by now that a naturally glowing complexion is not as easy to achieve as may like to wish it were. But, that does not mean that a clean, clear, healthy glow is impossible to obtain.

What your aging skin needs is tons of TLC

Contrary to what many people believe, aging skin does not necessarily require more products, in fact, it needs less. When you start seeing products as miracle bottles then, you and your skin are in big trouble. On the contrary, when you start perceiving products as your way of showing your aging skin your care then, you will do more than just buy a product off the shelf based on just your gut feel that it will work.

If you want the naturally glowing skin, reading through a Ponds Age Miracle Review may be helpful in some ways, but it takes so much more adjustments that may completely change the way you think about skincare. Try these 15 tips:

1.Never miss another day without sunscreen.

UV rays will not ever show mercy to your aging skin, even when you have sunscreen on. So, can you even begin to imagine what a slaughter it would be to leave your skin bare under the sun?

2.Refrain from taking hot showers and cold baths.

Both bathing conditions strip off your skin’s natural oils. You should use only lukewarm water to bathe with and cleanse your face with.

3.Be better aware of your skin conditions.

Observe and become better acquainted with your skin’s peculiar needs so that you can address these by giving it a proper regimen and product lineup.

4.Extend your facial skincare down to your neck and chest.

According to a Ponds Age Miracle Review, the product works just as well for these parts, so too will your cleansers, toners, masks and other products that you regularly apply to your face.


Calendar this as a weekly or twice weekly activity. Never skip on this rather important step. It takes away the grime and debris on your skin’s surface so that new skin can surface and that your products can seep in and deliver on its claims.

6.Deep moisturize.

Aging skin is characteristically dry because of skin’s lost ability to capture and hold moisture for longer periods. Therefore, deep moisturize with sheet masks, sleep packs, and other similar products as often as you can. Ideally, your exfoliation sessions should be followed through with this step.

7. Opt for clean products.

Go as natural and as raw, as you can get. Aging skin is very delicate skin. It is in your best interest to make sure that your products are free from harsh, irritating and skin damaging ingredients.

8.Layer less.

Whether it is a skin care treatment or makeup, less is more for aging skin. You have less risk of reaction and irritation that follows. As for makeup, more makeup can make you look older.

9.Incorporate essential oils in your routine.

Plant oils complement the skin’s structure. Whereas many beneficial ingredients infused in commercial products have a hard time penetrating the skin, essential oils are readily absorbed and sleep deeply.

10.Include a regenerative product in your evening routine.

Aging skin needs help from products that contain the most beneficial ingredients you can get from skin creams, that includes antioxidants, peptides, emollients, hyaluronic acid and, for aging skin beyond 40, retinol.

11.Load up on antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

Include fatty fish, nuts, and plenty of raw veggies and fruits in your diet to get a natural glow.

12.Keep your immediate surroundings teeming with moisture.

Keep a mist in your bag to spray on air around you, most especially during flights. Use a humidifier in indoor environments.

13. Stop worrying.

Chronic Stress ages your body. It continuously raises your cortisol levels and produces oxidative stress which, in turn, creates free radicals.


Naturally glowing skin can be achieved even when you’ve turned 40 or older, but only when you have the will to make changes to the way you live and think.

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Addie Davison