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Wake Up! It’s Late! First Day Of Spring Has Already Come And Gone

Tue, Apr. 18, 2017 Posted: 05:12 AM

If you’re still wondering what to wear this Spring, too bad you’re late but, there’s still time to leapfrog you to become this fashion season’s finest and most stylish creation. Have we got the five most popular looks lined up for you. So, don’t grab those car keys just yet. We highly recommend you keep reading to find out what you should be shopping for.

Spring’s Finest Rewards

Give those layering outfits a break until the cold months come around once again. Even as you long for simpler, cooler outfits to beat the surging heat, it pays to always choose to be a cut above the rest. Sometimes, the only way that you can achieve that is by choosing elegance. By elegance, you should gain more comfort, not more pain and discomfort which is a common myth. Top brass designer Giorgio Armani shares, "Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered”.

Make people remember you for the right reasons, rather than being the girl who couldn’t move comfortably because of her tight outfit. Check out this selection of five cute Spring dresses for you to wear this season:

1. Elie Saab’s Metallic Pastel Resort-Inspired Maxi Dresses.

The designer put on an unforgettable runway show that showcased beautiful, full-length dresses that frankly deserved second looks from all angles. Be equally attractive, jaw dropping, and deserving of a second glance wearing a summer dress in striking yet subtly shaded metallic pastel garments with electric pleats.

These dresses are made in vibrant shades of colorful fish scales that include sea foam greens, light pinks, and sky blues. Star was also a popular accent in her pieces, including on a pair of jumpsuit pants. These pieces became even cooler with the addition of glittery ball caps and posh ankle-strapped sandals made in the same shade as the dress.

2. Dolce and Gabbana’s Italian Summer-Inspired Floral, Layered and Ruffled Dresses.

There are simply too many Latin-inspired dresses to love from this collection. Our top picks include layered skirts with floral prints, shift dresses with prints of European urban scenes, and mid-calf dresses with folds on the hems. For your special occasions this season, you might want to consider D&G’s lace dresses.

The very feminine dresses are one thing but, aren’t quite as eye catching without the comfortable footwear, floral bags, colorful bandanas, and floral hair accents that were uniquely arranged for each look in the collection.

3. Chanel Resort 2017 Coco-Inspired Summer Pieces.

The outfits put together in this collection is complex and beautiful fusion of French fashion in the 1930’s and current day preferences. There is no single element that ties up the entire collection except for the sophisticated attractiveness of each outfit.

There need not be too much skin on display to make this collection a hit. What we like most about the dresses, even the short pants in this collection is that everything is showing only skin in all the right places. Since the theme is predominantly French, now is the perfect time for you to discern how does Boots No. 7 work out a more radian, ageless skin for you.

4. Miu Miu Vibrant and Vintage 50s-Inspired Ensembles.

The accessories, prints and the color blocks predominant in this collection all point out to the gloriously fashionable decade of the 50s. This season, body hugging dresses aren’t cute. You should be wearing loose and flowy casual dresses made with flowy, comfortable and cool fabrics. Most importantly, it will be the accessories — the belts, neon-rimmed sunglasses, printed and oversized scarves, and thin belts that will make your look undeniably 50s

5. Diane von Furstenberg’s Colorful and Cool Summer Pieces.

Back to the 70s disco fever is exactly what we saw catwalk down the DVF runways this season. We love the retro prints on the layered, flowy skirts and flared pants. We were constantly reminded of that style magnanimous era by the equally big hair — kinky and clipped to one side. Floral details on kimonos and long, full skirts toned down the disco theme, and made the collection

Spring Look Book Outfit Ideas


There is an endless list of fashion must-haves this Spring, and there is no better way to manage your wardrobe than going hands on. Now that you have an idea of how fashion will look like, go and start driving. You don’t want to be late when it comes to getting your personal style on.

Addie Davison