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Eco-friendly, waterless toilets promote good health

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To replace dangerous pit latrines and provide schools and communities with access to proper sanitation, Food For The Poor has launched an initiative to install eco-friendly, waterless toilets in locations throughout St. Catherine's parish, Jamaica.

"In our efforts to bring sustainable solutions to those
we serve, we were eager to invest in a test of this environmentally friendly technology," said Robin Mahfood, Food For The Poor's President/CEO. "This innovative solution will allow Food For The Poor to improve the living conditions of the poor, regardless of their proximity to water."

After a three-month trial period, Food For The Poor will determine whether this environmentally friendly sanitation system will be included in schools and homes constructed by the nonprofit organization in Haiti and Jamaica. Initial test sites include Quarry Hill, St. John's Road, Naseberry Grove, Kitson Town, Jobs Lane, and Macca Tree. The toilets have a low annual maintenance cost and a life span of more than 50 years. Enviro Options has tested and evaluated the Enviro Loo since 1993 to ensure the product is a safe, sustainable solution.

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