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How Can I Enjoy Sharing My Faith with Others? (Part 1)

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As Christians, we are called by God to be Christ's ambassadors. Now that's quite a job description! Why is it that many Christians, though, don't love to share their faith? Shouldn't this be one of our most enjoyable activities in life?

In college I received a minor in civil engineering. In class we learned how to design one of our world's most important structures--bridges. Bridges are fascinating, I think, because they are designed to bring things together--land masses, roads, and people.

You know, I got to thinking about my Christian life in the middle of one of those classes. I discovered that my life as a Christian can be exciting for the very same reason. Now I get to be a "bridge-builder" for Christ! Yes, Jesus is the only mediator between God and man (1 Tim. 2:5). Jesus is the "vertical" bridge, so to speak, between God and humans. However, there are still some horizontal "bridges" left to be built. Non-Christians often have barriers that keep them from considering Christ--intellectual, cultural, and moral barriers--and God has shown me that He has designed me to be just the right sort of "bridge" to help people with certain kinds of barriers to connect with Christ.

How does one become a bridge-builder for Christ? First, I need to know my own design. In college, I discovered that every bridge was unique, based on the material it used, the load it would bear, the terrain upon which it was built, etc. So, kind of "bridge" am I? God has given me specific heart motivations, spiritual gifts, talents, and passions that He wants to use as critical materials in bridge-building.

How does one discover these materials and put them into use? This is actually the theme of Bridge Ministries. If you are looking for a great process to "find and fulfill your unique God-given mission" please contact me! ( . We would love to assist you at this critical stage in your Christian journey.

  While it's true we need to understand theology and the gospel message, we must also understand what non-Christians believe, how they think, and how they've been impacted by today's culture. And then, as ambassadors for Christ, we become the bridge between the church and the world by communicating the gospel into the context of the non-Christian mindset.

Next time we'll examine how to use your unique "bridge" to reach people in your world that no one has ever been able to reach!

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