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Am I Losing Fire for God?

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Sometimes, especially if you've been in the faith for years, we can start to think that since we've gone a few days without an overwhelming, all consuming, fire-falling-from-heaven emotional move of God that we've lost our fire for God or that we're not as close as we use to be or that we've become stagnant in our walk. But I just want to remind you that your walk with God is much more than a few emotional goosebumps. That's shallow faith. In fact, He's MOST verified in your everyday, seemingly little, acts of obedience. He's glorified in your day to day service, the dedication of your work, the love and honor you show to those around you and the way you live your life as His example- the invisible moments of your life that no one sees. God is in the mundane and normal days just as much as the power packed worship you've experienced when you choose to let all your decisions glorify Him- on the job, at school, with your family and in the duties of ministry.

You abiding in God and Him abiding in you is not measured by your emotional response, its measured by your application- the fruit in your every day choices, in your attitude, in your dedication to stay on course. Its not how high you jump, but how straight you walk when you come down. THIS is the proof of how closely aligned we are with being in step with Him.

So if lately you've felt like, Man, I just don't feel as on fire for God as I was.

1. Just remember that there's a time for everything and everyday obedience is also an act of worship, the word says its proof of our love for God.

2. Never forget the "why" or your personal mission for why you do what you do for Christ and how far He's brought you to this place- where He brought you from. Really think about it. What is your reason? Let that refuel your motivation and re-establish your dedication. Write it down if you need to.

3. Pray that He would renew and awaken your desires, that's a prayer He's happy to answer.

4. Read your word. Everyday. Even if its just a chapter a day. We say this a lot but if many of us were honest, this simple discipline seems to slip away from us again and again. This year its time to get back on it. Its a Holy Book with a Holy Purpose and breathes life into those carrying His Holy Spirit. As we read and gain layers and layers of revelation it naturally ignites our souls, it changes the make-up of who we are. That's just how transformational it is for those truly invested.

5. Put your faith into practice. Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed (Proverbs 11:25). We go stale when we stop doing the God-work He created us to do. Ministry is a self-fulfilling double sided blessing. As we sharpen and encourage others, we sharpen and encourage ourselves. Its when we give and serve and invest in others being a part of the change in their lives that we remember all of this is so worth it and we couldn't imagine doing anything else.

God is for you and God is with you in every moment. I'm so blessed to have a family I can share in this exciting journey with, who have a burden for our generation and the hearts of those around us. I wouldn't chose anything different.

Serving you,

Brittney Moses

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