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My Boyfriend and I Have Been Having Sex, But Now I'm Celibate...

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I got a question from a young woman asking the following:

Me and my boyfriend were sexually active and I've decided to go celibate but I'm not sure where that would take my relationship... I don't want to feel like I'm forcing him just because I made this choice?

For some of you it may be the same situation. Maybe you've been dating someone for sometime, you came to Christ or began to become convicted about your sexual activity and decided to enter a life of purity. Well, this was my advice:

Choosing to honor God is the best decision you could make. Nothing feels better than being in right standing with The Lord in your life. If making that decision takes your relationship down you'd have to ask yourself, was it that strong to begin with? If sex is whats keeping the relationship it will fall anyway because that's not a strong enough foundation to begin with. Any couple that's been married for just over a couple years already sees that it takes much more than sex and butterflies to keep a relationship together. It takes things like endurance, forgiveness, sacrifice and the God kind of love. If he truly loves you he'll love you enough to wait versus loving only what you have to offer.

Now I dont know your boyfriend and I cant begin to judge him but going through with this choice will show you his true fruits. It will either make you guys or break you guys. And this will be a good thing. In the end just think God's will will be done, and its ultimately going to be the best will for your life. If he truly loves you, he'll see your value enought to know you're worth waiting for. Otherwise, why waste more time and energy with someone who has no intention to spend their life with you; thats a set up for a future set back. Think about it. Lets be about living a life of purpose because yours is valuable.


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