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Interview with Ray Comfort on 'Evolution vs. God'

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Living Waters Publications

"Evolution vs. God" is a short-36 minute movie by Ray Comfort, Founder/CEO of Living Waters Publications where Ray completely collapses the heart of the evolution theory with wisdom from above (James 3:17-18) — by asking a poignant, yet simple question no one could answer.

When I asked Ray what prompted this movie, he said, "I was very concerned because Richard Dawkins made his way to the United States and began reaching out for university students, encouraging them towards evolution and atheism; which only leads to sin-filled lifestyles: pornography, homosexuality, and other perversions. Believing in evolution just gives people the excuse to sin and deny the God who created them."

In preparation for "Evolution vs. God" (which was originally titled "Famous Atheists") Ray asked more than 20 scientists if he could interview them for this movie. Most said, "No" and others said, "Yes, but not on camera." He was grateful that God gave him favor with the four professors who kindly consented, and one with whom he already had a cordial relationship.

Among the interviewees were: Associate Professor Paul Zachary "PZ" Myers, PhD, (Biology, University of Minnesota Morris); Associate Professor Gail E. Kennedy, PhD (Department of Anthropology, UCLA); Professor Craig Stanford, PhD (Biology Sciences and Anthropology, USC); Professor Peter Nonacs, PhD, (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UCLA) and many university students as well as other people from all walks of life.

The question Ray asked that silenced every interviewee, professors and students alike, was this: "Could you give me some observable evidence that evolution is true; something I don't have to receive by faith?"

Neither the professors, students nor those Ray met on the street, who were atheists and believers in the theory of evolution, could give Ray one shred of scientific, observable evidence that evolution is true. When Associate Professor Gail E. Kennedy was asked this question she said, "Evolution is not testable over time." She went on later to say that the problem with people who don't believe in evolution is that they just don't have enough imagination. I actually agree with her. I certainly don't have enough imagination to believe that total order and intelligent design came from primordial ooze.

"We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ"

~2 Corinthians 10:5

The movie opens with an infamous quote by renown atheist, Richard Dawkins, "Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence."

University of California Museum of Paleontology's Understanding Evolution

Ray Comfort's simple, yet truth-penetrating question stumped the "experts" and refutes Richard Dawkins' assessment that those who have faith in the Creator God, is devoid of logical thinking. It's obvious, even from what Associate Professor Gail E. Kennedy said, that those who believe in evolution are the ones who alone have muddied reasoning, or as she called it—imagination.

I have nothing against imagination...for children and harmless fun. But evolution isn't harmless and it's not fun; it's very dangerous to every human being's purpose in this life and dissipates hope for the next.

On the right, you'll find a colorful and imaginative picture of what evolutionists call the "family tree" of life. This photo is from the University of California Museum of Paleontology's "Evolution 101" website that explains that phylogeny ("family tree") is divided into three major clades or domains: Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukaryota. According to the theory of evolution, we humans are in the Eukaryota clade which means we share the same ancestors with fish, worms and other interesting "animals".

I noticed in the movie, every time the Professors used the word "species" to prove their theory myth of evolution, Ray kept using the term "kind" rather than species. So during my interview with Ray today, I asked him if this was done purposefully or accidentally. He said, "It was absolutely purposeful. The term "kind" is used 10 times in just the first chapter of Genesis. Species is a generic term and atheists like to use it to confuse the subject. I wanted to be sure to use the biblical term "kind", and focus on the truth—that there is no observable evidence of Darwinian evolution."

"The definition of a species as a group of interbreeding individuals cannot be easily applied to organisms that reproduce only or mainly asexually...If two lineages of oak look quite different, but occasionally form hybrids with each other, should we count them as different species? There are lots of other places where the boundary of a species is blurred. It's not so surprising that these blurry places exist—after all, the idea of a species is something that we humans invented for our own convenience!"

~University of California Museum of Paleontology's Understanding Evolution

Note, that even within the theory myth of evolution, biologists admit that the term "species" is used and defined by humans for mere convenience. Unsurprisingly, these scientists also admit, when it's convenient, they change the definition and classifications of all life, as it makes sense to them, without any observable, scientific proof.

The definition of "science" is: systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation. You cannot observe or experiment on something that is merely part of someone's imagination.

While there is evidence of microevolution, that is, the observable evidence of minor changes and variations (e.g., color and size of a species), they nonetheless remain within the same kind or species. So by definition, the theory of evolution is just that, a theory; mere conjecture and nothing more. There has never been any observable evidence that one kind of species has ever evolved into another kind of species (e.g., an ape to a man, a butterfly to a bird, etc.).

I want to clarify that Ray Comfort is not refuting the concept of microevolution in "Evolution vs. God", he is accurately investigating the validity behind the theory of macroevolution, which is basically the theory that we have the same ancestor as fish and over a long period of time (billions of years), we have evolved from fish to human beings.

Interestingly, when Ray asked university students who claimed to believe in evolution, "Do you think evolution is a belief?" Some quickly said, "No", then just as quickly, changed their minds and said, "Yes, I have strong trust on what the experts and textbooks say." Another student said, "I have faith in experts, yeah. I guess similar to how religious people have faith that God actually exists. I have faith that the experts know what they're talking about." Then Ray tells them what that's called, "blind faith". They laugh as they agree with Ray that their belief in evolution is built on the dangerous presumption that their professors and other "experts" have based their teachings on scientific evidence rather than mere conjecture.

One of the reasons I love this movie so much is because I learned many fundamental facts necessary for any thinking human being. For instance, I learned that the coccyx and appendix are not vestigial (useless) body parts. Our infinite and awesome Creator God, whose economy is the only one where nothing is wasted or lost, created everything with purpose—much of which, our finite minds are incapable of comprehending.

In an article by Duke University doctors (updated May 2010), they share their discovery of the appendix's important role in protecting the immune system within the human body. It's also been noted by neurologists that the coccyx (which means "tailbone") is a term that was invented by evolutionist, and widely accepted as a vestigial until doctors and scientist rejected the notion that this is merely a useless "left over" part from our ape days.

Trailer of "Evolution vs. God"

I thoroughly enjoyed what I learned about the Darwinian theory of evolution and that our coccyx and appendixes are not useless body parts, but very necessary to our health and our body's ability to function well.

As usual, my favorite part of the movie is how Ray compassionately, intelligently and respectfully engages people in talking about what matters most to them, and what matters to God, which ultimately, should be, what matters most to all of us—Jesus Christ, because without Him, there is no forgiveness of sins; therefore, no eternal life for anyone.

As a whole, I loved "Evolution vs. God" and am grateful for my brother Ray Comfort and the entire Living Waters Publications staff who fervently and faithfully love and serve our awesome God.

My only disappointment in the movie is that Ray didn't cover the "vs. God" part as well as I thought he could have. There was much in the film debunking the theory myth of evolution, but not enough time given to the awesome way God created everything. After Ray left his interviewees speechless from his simple question, I thought it would've been good if Ray shared the truth of God's creation, that is, observable evidence of an intelligent Designer of our world and beyond.

I asked Ray about this and he said, "I did cover that with each person, but it was edited out because we were trying to focus on the battle of evolution versus intelligent design. And I feel we did that when I shared the Gospel with each person. Ultimately, that's the main point; because without Christ, people have no hope and will die in their sins and go to Hell and I don't want that to happen. I believe the Gospel covered the "vs. God" part of the movie."

While I agree with Ray's reasoning, a simpleton like me, missed hearing again; how the skies, the birds, the trees and the beauty of all creation (even the rocks) shout praises to God for His magnificent and glorious design of everything we see, hear and touch—and even all that we don't (Ps 69:34).

In closing, I asked Ray if he had any Scripture and/or exhortation he'd like me to share with all of you. And he did.

"Proverbs 19:23 is my life verse, 'The fear of the LORD leads to life, And he who has it will abide in satisfaction; He will not be visited with evil.' (NKJV). I'm afraid every time I step on the box to preach. Even with this movie, I was more fearful of talking to Professor Craig Stanford than I have been of most people. But I do it anyway because there's something more important than my fears; the lives of all who don't know Christ.

"I want to encourage teachers in the public school system to show this movie to their class. Even if it's just the first 20 minutes. Your students need to learn the truth. Besides, most of it is about evolution, so it shouldn't be a problem. I also want to ask everyone who has any influence to download, share the link and purchase the DVD's [when available] and give them to as many people as possible.

"As Christians, we need to come with our double-edged sword (the Word of God) and battle the evil that's all around us."

~Ray Comfort, Founder/CEO
 Living Waters Publications

"Evolution vs. God" can be downloaded for $19:99 at: www.evolutionvsGod.com. On August 7, 2013 the full movie will be available for free on YouTube and DVD's will be available at a reduced cost. Please download and show this educational and critical movie to your children before the world embeds its lies into their hearts and minds. And share this link with as many people as possible.

May the Lord bless you for your faithfulness to His Kingdom work during your short time here on earth.

For those who questioned the cost of the download prior to August 7, 2013, please click the link below to read the personal message from Ray Comfort regarding the necessity for this temporary charge.

Ray Comfort's Personal Message.

"Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil." ~Ephesians 5:15-16

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