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Intolerance Is A Beautiful Thing, Unless You're Michele Bachmann

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I have a T-shirt that says Intolerance is a Beautiful Thing, and it's amazing because when I wear that shirt, the reaction of people is either a sneer or an affirming nod.

Some would sneer because they either had not read the back of the shirt, or they immediately thought something like, "Ah...excuse me, it's people like you that are homophobes and bigots who are completely intolerant and I don't find that a very beautiful thing."

This person, obviously had been indoctrinated by the leftists and in particular the homosexuals who have used the word tolerance to beat people up who do not agree with them. To this segment of the population, the word tolerance doesn't really mean tolerance. What the word tolerance means is you either believe as I do, or I will make sure you feel my public whipping.

A perfect example of this is exactly what the homosexual activists have done this week with Michele Bachmann and her husband, who just happens to be a therapist and has treated individuals who struggle with same sex attraction.

If you didn't know the truth about the Bachmann's and their counseling clinic, all you would think is that this couple should be stoned and put on an island like Alcatraz or worse yet, given the death penalty by lethal injection because of their alleged intolerance of homosexuals.

Therein lies the problem. The Bachmann's are one of the most upright couples in our modern day culture, and their crime, to the homosexual activist community, is actually helping those who are struggling with same sex attraction who do not want to be in bondage to it.

The other crime of Michele Bachmann is that she actually knows the playbook of the homosexual activists and will not back down from standing for truth. In other words, her intolerance is that she doesn't want people to be in bondage to the sin of homosexuality and so therefore, she tells the truth about the bondage of this sin.

I contend that if more Christians, who say they believe the bible is the Word of God, and actually obeyed the holy scriptures, then this story about Michele Bachmann wouldn't be so outrageous. The problem, however, is that many in the church have decided to distance themselves from Bachmann because they believe the propaganda of the left.

Yet, ironically, the same week the Bachmann's are being crucified in the press, one of the trending topics on Twitter was #ihavenotolerance! Yes, you read that right – I HAVE NO TOLERANCE was a trending topic on Twitter.

When I saw that #ihavenotolerance was trending on Twitter I had to see what people were writing, and what I saw was very interesting. Here are a few samples of what people are intolerant about, that were not laced with vulgarity. I've removed the Twitter names to protect the person's privacy.

#ihavenotolerance for narcissism, racism, ignorance, pedophiles, liars, cheaters, haters, snakes, fakes, and for most people I know.

#ihavenotolerance for ignorant people

#ihavenotolerance for liars.

#ihavenotolerance 4 dudes who can make babies... but not #ManUp and take care of theirs

#ihavenotolerance when someone is driving dead slow in the front of me #beepbeep

#ihavenotolerance people who complain about being fat but then sit there and eat cake

#ihavenotolerance for people who only talk to me when they need something but are NEVER there when I need them most.

#ihavenotolerance for #CaseyAnthony & will not support media attention she now gets for being horrible mother. #Fail.

#ihavenotolerance for liars. lie to me and i'll punch you in your face.

#ihavenotolerance for people with zero tolerance.

What is amazing about the aforementioned tweets is that contrary to the popular belief that morals are irrelevant today, these tweets clearly show that people want people to be honest, moral, responsible, law abiding, and ultimately aware that what they do really does matter.

On the back of my Intolerance is a Beautiful Thing t-shirt reads the following:

The Prophet Elijah ..... Intolerant of Jezebel

The Apostle Paul ..... Intolerant of witchcraft books

Thomas Jefferson ..... Intolerant of King George III

George Washington .... Intolerant of British Troops

Frederick Douglass ..... Intolerant of slavery

Susan B. Anthony ..... Intolerant of Only Men Voting

Amy Carmichael ..... Intolerant of Child prostitution

Dietrich Bonhoeffer..... Intolerant of Anti-Semitism

Winston Churchill ..... Intolerant of Hitler

Martin Luther King, Jr. ..... Intolerant of segregation

Lech Walesa ..... Intolerant of communism

Mother Teresa ..... Intolerant of abortion

Without intolerance our world would be a horrible place. And as followers of Jesus Christ, we have the greatest example of someone who was intolerant. Jesus was intolerant of sin, which is why He willingly laid down His life for the world, and paid the price of our sin, so that ultimately we could know Him personally, and spend an eternity in heaven with Him.

People who are in spiritual darkness cannot understand this great gift. And because they are in spiritual darkness they promote things that keep people in bondage. Think about these things.

Homosexual activists are intolerant of people who want to change their same sex feelings and not act in a sexually impure manner.

Homosexual activists are intolerant of Christians who have a biblical worldview and believe the bible condemns the sin of homosexuality.

Homosexual activists are intolerant of anyone in the schools who differs with their indoctrination programs for small children who can't defend themselves from their lies.

Homosexual activists are intolerant of voices in the culture that tell the truth about the bondage of homosexual sex addiction, drug use, suicide rates and the homosexual disease of AIDS.

Homosexual activists are intolerant of clinical research in the field of psychology that debunks the gay gene theory and so they have it blocked and not published.

Homosexual activists are intolerant of the person who has found freedom from the bondage of homosexuality and calls themselves ex-gay.

And last but certainly not least, homosexual activists are intolerant of anyone who believes that marriage is defined as one man and one woman.

So, the next time someone calls you intolerant because you support marriage as one man and one woman, or you believe that the Word of God is true when it says that homosexuality is a sin. Don't be ashamed and certainly don't back down and cringe in fear. Stand strong and remember the truth. Intolerance is a beautiful thing, and without it, America would not be the great country it is.

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