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Posted 4/16/15 at 1:08 AM | Alex Murashko

Andy Stanley, Judah Smith, and Director To Address Thousands of Change Makers at Catalyst West


IRVINE, Calif. — More than 3,000 leaders who love the Church will gather on Thursday and Friday (April 16-17) for the 7th annual Catalyst West event — focusing on “unifying, equipping, and challenging this community of change makers to evoke lasting change within our culture and world,” organizers said.

This year’s event, held at Mariner’s Church Irvine, will bring a host of fresh voices and thought leaders, including a change maker panel featuring a conversation on how the Church is partnering with community agencies in LA to create holistic change. The schedule includes team collectives that will offer a time for intentional connection and reflection on session topics, as well as special musical guests and entertainers.

Catalyst will also showcase its new app for the first time for Catalyst West attendees. The Catalyst App includes interactive, informative and fun activities to enhance the live event experience as well as exclusive content and access to community 365 days of the year, Catalyst states. The Catalyst App is available for both iPhone and Catalyst is unique in its ability to reach across denominations and backgrounds in order to gather leaders around the call of being ambassadors of reconciliation in the world. FULL POST

Posted 4/4/15 at 1:55 AM | Alex Murashko

No Pastor at the Pulpit: What Happens When a Congregation Takes Over an Easter Sunday Church Service?

In a bold move outside the norm for most congregations, Santa Monica pastor Steve Snook plans to set aside his own preaching as he did last year and give the keys, so to say, to the Easter late morning service to those sitting on the grass at Temescal Canyon Park.

I took part and witnessed this amazing work of the Holy Spirit last year.

Instead of a tightly wrapped “boxed” Easter sermon, Pastor Steve explained at the beginning of this remarkable gathering, that God had told him, “This service is on me.”

Snook told me recently, that last year, “coming into Easter I was praying, ‘Lord, what do we do?’”

“Then, God said to me, ‘You asked for me to lead and it’s not about you and what you have to say, Steve. It’s my church, let me work,’” the pastor of Metro Church said. “Realizing for me to kind of take my hands off of it and not have to think about me preaching this moving sermon or something… It was really more about God doing it through his people.” FULL POST

Posted 3/30/15 at 10:48 PM | Alex Murashko

Rape Victim, Author Shares 5 Things To Give Up for Lent

Editor’s Note: Alisa Kaplan is the author of “Still Room For Hope” to be released by Faith Words in April. She is the survivor of one of the most infamous rape cases in Southern California History and is currently a state-certified sexual assault victim advocate and crisis intervention counselor and volunteers at a rape crisis center in Los Angeles County. Alisa is attending college to obtain her degree in psychology. Below is her suggested five things to give up for lent.

5 Things to Give Up for Lent

By Alisa Kaplan

Every year, millions of Christians around the world commemorate the 40 days leading up to Easter with a season of fasting and repentance known as Lent.

However, fasting, as one of the most ancient religious practices, is not something to be undertaken lightly. Its purpose is to help us give up some of the control in our lives so as to depend more fully on God.

Giving up control is never something easily done, especially for survivors of traumas such as abuse and sexual assault. Nothing is more central to that survival as regaining a sense of control. After our sense of self and security has undergone a terrifying violation, restoring feelings of agency and power over the chaotic forces in our lives becomes the ultimate goal. FULL POST

Posted 3/23/15 at 1:56 PM | Alex Murashko

Is Porn Bad For the Single Adult? XXXchurch Founder Answers

It should be a no-brainer to know that pornography destroys marriages.

After all, habitually viewing pornography “sets up formidable walls between couples: guilt, unrealistic sexual expectations, addictive behaviors, and the erosion of trust, to name just a few.” Another words, as “The Intimate Couple” puts it, pornography can be a “barrier to intimacy.”

As a $14-billion per year industry in the U.S., studies show that an increased number of marriages are harmed by men and/or women viewing porn. Often leading to divorce, the affairs of the heart (and mind) include an addiction to cyber porn.

The reality of pornography inside a marriage is that “it introduces another person into a couple’s sex life,” as an article in MarriageToday states.

Another person? That is serious and that is more than sad.

MarriageToday properly attributes Jesus as saying that “simply looking at another person in a longing and lustful manner is equal to adultery.” The article continues: “Inevitably, we begin to compare our spouse’s body and sexual performance to the person or people in the pornography we are viewing. Also, we are making a very damaging statement to our spouse that they simply aren’t enough for us. Of course, when stimulated by pornography, no number of women or men could ever satisfy us. It is an insatiable appetite.” FULL POST

Posted 3/17/15 at 5:58 PM | Alex Murashko

Forgiving ISIS: SAT-7 Interview with Children from Ainkawa Mall in Erbil, Iraq (VIDEO)

SAT-7 is Christian Satellite Television By and For the People of the Middle East and North Africa. For more info go to

SAT-7 is a network of four channels, SAT-7 ARABIC, SAT-7 PARS (Farsi), SAT-7 KIDS and SAT-7 TÜRK (Turkish). More than 75% of SAT-7's programs are made in the Middle East by Middle Eastern Christians.

The network broadcasts can be seen in every country in North Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Report from Ainkawa Mall, Erbil, Iraq video link:

Posted 3/16/15 at 3:59 PM | Alex Murashko

Can You Go 30 Days Without Porn?

I had the opportunity to meet Craig Gross, founder of, at Together LA and he's definitely a warrior for Christ. I'll be writing about him soon.

He's keeping the conversation definitely worth having going!

"Many who struggle with sex or porn wrestle with fear … fear of loneliness, fear of rejection, fear of worthlessness, fear of not being able to stop.

Fear paralyzes us and keeps us trapped in our destructive habits. Fear is often what holds people back from getting accountable. The thing about fear is that you can't escape it unless you admit it. You need to own up to the fear and recognize that it is an issue you must face. Write yourself a letter today confessing your fears about addiction and what you plan on doing to break free. FULL POST

Posted 3/14/15 at 12:55 AM | Alex Murashko

500 North Texas Pastors Meet at AT&T Stadium to Launch Harvest America for November

Harvest America


A. Larry Ross Communications

Evangelist Greg Laurie to bring Gospel message to Metroplex and beyond in first-ever Christian event to be held at the home of 'America's Team'

DALLAS, March 11, 2015 – Nearly 500 pastors and ministry leaders from throughout North Texas attended yesterday's launch event for Harvest America, an evangelistic outreach to be held at AT&T Stadium in November, as well as broadcast live and streamed to other venues across the country.

Jack Graham, Senior Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church and a member of the Harvest America advisory team, spoke to the timing and location of the crusade as he introduced Greg Laurie to the crowd.Last year's event attracted more than 20,000 to the American Airlines Center on Oct. 5, and tens of thousands watched the live simulcast. This year's event will be live simulcast around the country again. FULL POST

Posted 3/4/15 at 9:04 PM | Alex Murashko

Conference Ends But #TogetherLA is an 'Ongoing Dialogue'

Yes, the conversation about loving on Los Angeles continues.

Together L.A., a three day conference featuring close to 50 speakers primarily discussing how churches and ministries can effectively collaborate to show the love of Christ to the city, concluded with best-selling author and pastor Tim Keller speaking about individual identity before 2,000 people in attendance last Saturday (Feb. 28, 2015).

"Christianity doesn't just give you a new identity it gives you a radical way of forming an identity," said Keller, pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, New York. "It gives you a unique, liberating and infinitely better identity than the one the culture is imposing on you right now." READ FULL STORY FULL POST

Posted 2/11/15 at 12:18 PM | Alex Murashko

Christian Group to 'Drop the L-Bomb' on Valentine’s Day Weekend; Campaign to Help Children in Eye of Middle East Storm


For Immediate Release

Contact: Jennifer Santiago, Director, Reload Love,

Albuquerque, NM – February 10, 2015 – Albuquerque-based Reload Love, a non-profit organization that works to raise money and awareness for children caught in the crossfire of violence in the Middle East, has announced it will “Drop the ‘L’-Bomb” this Valentine’s Day and are asking everyone to join. Reload Love is aiming to raise $50,000 to help support a series of efforts that will in turn send love to the Middle East in the form of aid to refugee children and youth who were abused by members of ISIS and are now living in displaced communities. FULL POST

Posted 2/5/15 at 2:15 PM | Alex Murashko

Father Factor: Countering the Viral Growth of Youth Crime

Every Man Ministries

Currently in America, at least twenty-five million children under the age of 18 don’t live with their natural father. Add the number of children who live with their fathers but who aren’t connected emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually and you have the dramatic majority of all children.

Children who sense closeness to their fathers are twice as likely to enter college or find stable employment after high school; they are seventy-five percent less likely to have a child in their teenaged years, eighty percent less likely to spend time in jail, and half as likely to experience depression. A four-decade study reports that when dads encourage their daughters to excel and achieve and are emotionally close to their sons, their daughters are more successful in school and careers, and their sons achieve greater economic status.

One of Every Man Ministries initiatives is to focus on the epidemic of social problems that come with fatherlessness and disconnected dads. The Father Factor is Every Man Ministries newest conference offering for women and men featuring Dr. Ken Canfield, Doug Field, and Kenny Luck serving the church and inner city communities to help them address this critical issue in the congregation and, more importantly, the community. It is an interactive, multi-media, inspirational and educational conference centered on the “Father” issue addressing personal, family, and faith dimensions related to the issue.

Top 5 Tips for Fathering Teenagers; How to Counter the Viral Growth of Youth Crime

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