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500 North Texas Pastors Meet at AT&T Stadium to Launch Harvest America for November

Sat, Mar. 14, 2015 Posted: 12:55 AM


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Evangelist Greg Laurie to bring Gospel message to Metroplex and beyond in first-ever Christian event to be held at the home of 'America's Team'

DALLAS, March 11, 2015 – Nearly 500 pastors and ministry leaders from throughout North Texas attended yesterday's launch event for Harvest America, an evangelistic outreach to be held at AT&T Stadium in November, as well as broadcast live and streamed to other venues across the country.

Jack Graham, Senior Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church and a member of the Harvest America advisory team, spoke to the timing and location of the crusade as he introduced Greg Laurie to the crowd.Last year's event attracted more than 20,000 to the American Airlines Center on Oct. 5, and tens of thousands watched the live simulcast. This year's event will be live simulcast around the country again.

"This is the right time, the right moment for something like this in America, to take the message of Jesus to the world," he said. "Who knows but that this could be the catalyst we've all been waiting for, that God would move mightily across our nation and change the future for our children and grandchildren? "There's no question, the urgency of these times requires that we do things differently," Graham continued. "We get to do something innovative and inspiring, to come to the biggest and best sports venue on planet Earth – and that's no Texas brag, that's a fact. We get to come to this stadium, the home of America's team, with a star in the floor, to preach the King of Kings and the Morning Star, Jesus Christ, and to lift Him up in this place!"

Laurie encouraged unity among the hundreds of local churches that will be involved in the event as a necessity for its success. "We're asking you to stand with us in this outreach, not only for your community and your state, but for the entire country because this event will go out to thousands of venues across the U.S., a live video feed into sanctuaries, movie theaters, homes and other locations around the country," he said. "Our prayer is that God will fill this place, and that's a step of faith. We're taking a big risk, and we're asking you to join with us. I feel we've got to go big, and there's no better place to go big than Texas."

"Let's join forces and we can get a lot accomplished; we're not competing with each other; our competition is with the world and the flesh and the devil," Laurie continued. "Let's stop fighting with each other and realize who the real enemy is. Let's stop arguing with each other over theological minutia and get the big picture. This world is in need, it needs to hear the Gospel. This is a great place for us to do that."

Harvest America 2014 was based out of American Airlines Center in Dallas, which drew overflow crowds of 20,000, with thousands more watching live via simulcast around the country. This encouraged the Harvest team to dream even bigger for 2015, not just for north Texas, but for the entire nation.

Laurie urged those in attendance to "consider the importance of the cause before us and the urgency of the hour, the need in people's lives," he said. "I believe America is facing a great storm right now. We're facing a terrorist army that goes by many names: Isis, Al Quaida, Boko Haram, Hezbollah. Young kids are being drawn to this as Isis has somehow made jihad 'cool' using social media, using sophisticated videos, and they're pulling young people in.

"This is the problem: a whole generation of young people with no belief system, no ideology, is being sucked into this," Laurie continued. "We have the greatest belief system, the greatest ideology in the world – the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ – and we've got to proclaim it. I believe there's a military solution here in the fight against terrorism, but ultimately, the answer is not with AR-15s, it's with John 3:16."

Individuals and churches can find more information and sign up to participate at

An exact date for Harvest America will be announced once the NFL schedule is released in April. Laurie serves as senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, based in Riverside, Calif., which oversees the Harvest Crusades. The ministry exists for the sole purpose of presenting the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible, and to help believers mature in their faith. More information is available at

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