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Azusa Now: A Movement that Includes an Inside Job... and More than 100,000 Expected at LA Coliseum

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(Photo: Carry the Love/Circuit Riders)

It hasn’t been easy and yet it has been when I let go, let God.

Turns out that the result so far of my spending as much time as possible inside the 10 days leading up to Azusa Now, a period that includes loving-on and evangelizing-on (not a dirty business after all) people of the streets, parks, and beaches of Los Angeles, has intensified my personal relationship with Jesus.

I’ve had to face my issues that bring about fear, and balance priorities… and leave Orange County for long blocks of time (that’s an inside joke for those of us who often dwell inside the comforts of living “behind the Orange Curtain”).

Mostly, I want more of Him in every part of my life. And have discovered that revival is an inside job. While we may want to see America change under the direction of God, I don’t have to look much farther than myself for areas of overhaul.

In the midst of inner change and as a part of the process, I’ve seen drunks sober to conversations about God, drug addicts stop long enough to give salvation a thought or two, and peace fall upon places that may have had very little of it to begin with.

Then, there’s the children of L.A. Surrounded by followers of Jesus on a mission to reflect His love, children are smiling, laughing, and beaming with freedom to be joyful. Yes, there’ the little ones feeling the cleansing, refreshing rain of His love to their core. But there’s the older kids, too. A fire is burning in young people, like the ones who went to see Nick Vujicic talk about hope on a Friday night at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights.

Tonight begins three nights of prayer on the Los Angeles Coliseum surrounding grounds. Then, on Saturday, more than 100,000 people are expected to spend the day inside this spectacular stadium that’s hosted two Olympics and thousands of other events. Azusa Now has already proven to be a catalyst for change in my own life and in the lives of many on the streets of Los Angeles, who for the first time, have given their life to Jesus… hope and change you can believe in more so than anything else this world has to offer.

From the desk of Alex Murashko.

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