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Booze, Pot, and Oscar Snub of '2016'

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Here's the top stories that I don't want you to miss from recent news:

Greg Laurie: Is It Acceptable for Christians to Drink?

"I can't think of a single good thing that comes from drinking, but I can think of many bad things that come from it: broken homes, violence, accidents, people killed on the road by drunk drivers, addiction, destroying your health . . . the list goes on." - Greg Laurie

Mark Driscoll: 'Puff or Pass, Should Christians Smoke Pot or Not?'

"The last thing these guys need is to get high, be less motivated, and less productive; instead, they need to 'act like men, [and] be strong' (1 Cor. 16:13)." - Mark Driscoll

Dinesh D'Souza's '2016' Movie: Winner at the Box Office Snubbed by Oscar

"I want to thank the Academy for not nominating our film," Dinesh D'Souza joked, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "By ignoring 2016, the top-performing box-office hit of 2012, and pretending that films like 'Searching for Sugar Man' and 'This Is Not a Film' are more deserving of an Oscar, our friends in Hollywood have removed any doubt average Americans may have had that liberal political ideology, not excellence, is the true standard of what receives awards."

For good measure, be sure to catch this must-read column by men's ministry expert Kenny Luck:

Eating Men Alive: Powerful Men, Common Fears


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