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'Chaps' the Former Navy Chaplain Elected to Colorado State House Now Topic of Colbert Nation Joke (VIDEO)

Sat, Nov. 15, 2014 Posted: 06:37 PM



Gordon "Dr. Chaps" Klingenschmitt, the Navy chaplain discharged for praying in Jesus' name while in uniform, and who was elected to the Colorado State House, is already creating a bit of a stir primarily among liberals.

Klingenschmitt beat out his Democratic challenger, retired school teacher Lois Fornander with 70 percent of the vote in Colorado's District 15 where he says Republicans make up about 43% all registered voters.

In a statement celebrating his win, Klingenschmitt vowed to fight for residents' First Amendment rights regardless of their background. He said "I owe a great debt to our volunteers and donors, and I am humbled by the voters' support. As perhaps the only ordained minister elected to our state Republican caucus, I will work hard to represent all people of my district, regardless of political or religious belief. As a Chaplain, veteran, and PhD in Theology, I will defend everybody's First Amendment rights." FULL STORY

Alex Murashko