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Closer Look at 'Faithful America' Push Against Hobby Lobby HHS Lawsuit

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Yesterday, I asked you to take note of the reporting in news stories about a pastor being "kicked off" Hobby Lobby headquarters property for trying to handover a petition asking the Christian family-owned national business to drop their HHS lawsuit.

Today, my article Hobby Lobby Stands Ground Against Group Asking to Drop HHS Lawsuit goes into more detail than what the Associated Press and most media reported on the matter. Most media took the AP story which was almost taken verbatim from a press release by Faithful America and ran with it.

It should be quite obvious after reading what Faithful America has to say about Hobby Lobby, and the advocacy group's version of Christianity and "health care," that this group is really a front for an all-things-liberal agenda.

I'm especially bothered by Faithful America's attempt at pitting Christians against each other. The group's move yesterday included trying to leverage a pastor and "clergy" in the presentation of the petition to Hobby Lobby.

When a group such as Faithful America touches on all the compelling social issues of the day (many that Christians do agree on), but yet slams Christianity, I don't believe they can claim the moral high ground by simply saying "We are all in this together. Our faith compels us to act. End poverty. Restore community. Uphold the common good."

A relationship with Jesus isn't always about aligning ourselves with what feels good. Don't let this group tug at your whatever-feels-good heart strings.

Hobby Lobby Stands Ground Against Group Asking to Drop HHS Lawsuit

Alex Murashko

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