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Colorado Springs, SCOTUS, and LA's Homeless

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(Photo: On a Wing and a Prayer Ministry)

I'm struck by how rich Los Angeles is... and how poor.

An estimated 51,000 in LA County are without a home and sleeping in a park, an abandoned building, on a sidewalk, or if they are fortunate, a shelter.

I talked to Brenda Wilson this week about the shelter she runs, New Image. It's LA's largest emergency overnight homeless shelter.

I could hear the emotion in Brenda's voice as she talked about the hundreds and thousands of women in LA who suffer out on the streets unimaginable horrors. Her shelter can't hold them all, but if it was at all possible, she would wrap her loving arms around all of them.

New Image is in a financial crunch and needs money now.

Before writing the story of New Image, I talked to another person who's compassion I could hear through their voice. Scott Evans, president of Outreach, Inc., moved his family and business to Colorado Springs the same week the most devastating wildfire in Colorado history hit the area.

"Saturday, in the process of having our moving truck packed up, we started receiving a few texts from some ministry friends that a fire had broken out and that our neighborhood had been evacuated," Evans explained. "We prayed and felt like the Lord said, 'Go in faith and I will be with you.'"

Another firestorm of sorts hit Thursday. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled to uphold Obamacare. The rapid shockwaves of reaction monitored and echoed throughout media land (mainstream, offstream, and social) was incredible.

So, there you have it... another week at The Christian Post "OC Metro Bureau" (my office/room)!

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