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Don't Say That, Intercessory Prayer, and Lecrae

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(Photo: Alex Murashko)

In 1861, speaking on the subject of intercessory prayer during a sermon, renowned Rev. C.H. Spurgeon said,

"Four things I would speak of this morning, and yet but one thing; I would speak upon intercessory prayer thus – first, by way of commending the exercise; secondly, by way of encouraging you to enlist in it; thirdly, by way of suggestion, as to the persons for whom you should especially pray; and fourthly, by way of exhortation to all believers to undertake and persevere in the exercise of intercession for others."

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I never knew there would be so many readers and people chiming in on 10 Things First-Time Church Visitors Don't Want to Hear. Pastor Ben Reed of Long Hollow Baptist Church in Tennessee did a great job of touching on something we've all either heard or been affected by. Everyone seems to have more to add, too!

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- Alex Murashko

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