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Easter 2013: Stories and PHOTOS Live Blog

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FRIDAY 8:15 am PDT – Starting off this LIVE BLOG featuring photos and links to stories about the celebration of the most significant moment in history with an archive photo of Pastor Mark Driscoll preaching Easter 2011 at Qwest field in Seattle. Photo was used for Nicola Menzie's current story on keeping spiritual seekers in church past Easter.


FRIDAY 8:42 am PDT – Earlier this week, we ran a series on the impact of "The Bible" series on Hollywood. In case you missed it, here are they are:

'The Bible' Series: Hollywood Gets the Message It's Good Business to Respect Christians

Will Hollywood Write 'The Bible' TV Film Series Off as a Fluke?


FRIDAY 9:50 am PDT – Headed to a Good Friday Easter service at Saddleback starting at noon. The resurrection message AND a FREE LUNCH? Wow! Life is good!

FRIDAY 2:37 pm PDT – Sound check before Saddleback Church's noontime Easter service message, "How the Resurrection Changed Everything.
SATURDAY 9:25 am PDT – LAKE FOREST, Calif. – Pastor Rick Warren highlighted parts of his sermon on how the resurrection of Jesus Christ "changed everything" with scenes from the popular docudrama series "The Bible" during a lunchtime worship service at Saddleback Church on Good Friday. The message will be given again several more times before the weekend ends. FULL STORY
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