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SAT-7: Egyptians Celebrate Easter

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"In a region characterized by high illiteracy rates, media censorship, and limited incomes, anyone with a satellite dish can turn on SAT-7 and hear the Word of God in his or her language. Our viewers can join a global fellowship of Christians within the privacy of their own homes -- a significant concern for those who live in violence-stricken or oppressive environments." -- SAT-7

SAT-7 posted:

Today (April 16), Egyptians are upholding centuries-old traditions that date back to the time of Christ. Farid Garas, Executive Director of SAT-7 Egypt, explains how the very first Passover has inspired this week’s lineup of Easter programs on SAT-7 ARABIC.

Farid shares:

“Over three thousand years ago, in this very land of Egypt, God commanded his people to eat supper together as families during what is known as ‘The Passover.’ It was a sign of fellowship and a symbol of the redemption of Christ himself through the practical sacrifice of a lamb. That night launched the freedom of the people of God.

The church of Egypt feels that these times in which we live are similar. On Monday, the church called every family in Egypt to celebrate at a special prayer meeting. It called for families to get together for fellowship, worship, celebration, and dedicating their lives to the Lord. Each family leader washed the feet of his family.

A Kids Prayer Team led this live prayer meeting at Kasr El-Doubara Evangelical Church (KDEC) in Cairo, and it aired live on SAT-7 ARABIC. The audience was encouraged to follow the meeting at their homes in front of the TV screen.

Next Sunday, tens of thousands of Egyptians will get together to celebrate Easter. People will join from all the governorates of Egypt, and from all backgrounds. For 8 hours, worship teams from every church denomination will join together to lead the people. The program will include songs, short sermons from different church leaders, marches, and dances, flag parades, drama skits, and prayers of intercession for the rest of the Arab countries.

Broadcasting these events has sent messages to the audience about the unity of Christians, their love for their home countries, and the joy they have, even during challenging times. It has also given hope by communicating the Good News to those who had lost hope.”

Many SAT-7 staff members have chosen to give up their Easter weekend to help facilitate and broadcast this event. Organizers say this is an opportunity to affirm that God is in control over events in Egypt and to renew their commitment as families to be salt and light for Christ.

This week, SAT-7 ARABIC will also air Easter celebrations from Lebanon and Syria. At the Christian Unity Church in Damascus, local Producer Maissa is partnering with SAT-7 to film and air an Easter prayer service. A Good Friday service will air from Lebanon.

Please pray that Christians across the region can celebrate Easter safely, as Christians are at risk for attacks during the holidays. Pray also that they would experience spiritual freedom – the ability to know God’s Word and have a relationship with Him.

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