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Every Man: Kenny Luck on Powerful Men, Common Fears

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Men's ministry expert Kenny Luck takes a closer look at the fall of "two of the most revered and respected apex predators in the masculine pecking order" and shifts focus to ourselves and God.

So what we got with the Woods and Petraeus affairs were the juicy details and "twinky" analysis bereft of any useable intellectual nutrition or meaningful insight from very painful stories about men. God forbid we hold up a mirror and actually learn from the mistakes we make as men so that we can identify the landmines and affirm the healthier patterns actually practiced by good men.

Suggestion: why don't we stop shaking our heads at men and start exploring the powerful dynamics in these stories that are common to all men? Why not talk about the very real psychological, moral, and spiritual dynamics at the root of these lapses versus just "tabloiding" the symptoms for advertising bucks and social media buzz?

Be sure to read this article by Luck to recognize that although these were and probably still are "powerful men" or men of influence beyond our comprehension, we certainly share common fears.

Luck is the men's pastor at Saddleback Church and is the founder of Every Man Ministries. His 20th book – Sleeping Giant: No Movement of God without Men of God - is a blueprint for men's ministries, and was recently released through Broadman & Holman Books. His latest teaching series on men and sex called "The Sex Series" can be viewed and downloaded at where you can also read Kenny's weekly blogs.

- Alex

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