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Greg Laurie, Lee Strobel, and Other Leaders Give the Resurrection Message of Easter

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From the orthodox to the charismatic, from small chapels to megachurches, from brick and mortar to digital, pastors nationwide are leading believers and seekers in Easter worship services with the central Christian message – Jesus Christ, God's only begotten son, died on the cross and rose on the third day for the salvation of those who believe in Him.

Lee Strobel, teaching pastor and author of The Case For Easter and many other books, told The Christian Post, "My focus will be on 1 Cor 15:17 – 'And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins.' I'll be talking about the historical evidence that convinced me as an atheist that Jesus did rise from the dead and thus back up his claim to being the Son of God. The resurrection is the linchpin of the Christian faith – no resurrection, no Christianity."

Strobel, who is also a professor of Christian Thought at Houston Baptist University, will be preaching during eight Easter services within 24 hours at Mission Community Church in Gilbert, Ariz. His message is one that pastors hope will help bring those attending church or watching online during Easter into a relationship with Jesus.

"I will make a strong evangelistic appeal for people to put their trust in Christ, who died as their substitute to pay for their sins," Strobel wrote in an email to CP. "As resurrection scholar Gary Habermas told me when I interviewed him for The Case for Christ: 'Every bit of evidence for Jesus' resurrection is evidence for my eventual resurrection.' Because Christ conquered the grave, so will all those who have received his free gift of forgiveness and eternal life. That's the good news of Easter!" ....FULL STORY

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