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Interview: ‘Captive’ True Story of How God Shows Up For Murderer and Meth Addict When Lives Intersect

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The makers of Captive say the film based on the true story of the hostage situation in which the lives of murderer Brian Nichols and recovering meth addict Ashley Smith intersect in 2005 shows how “God chooses to show up” in times of crisis.


“Ashley had an addiction problem. Brian Nichols was a murderer. It’s a messy situation and it’s in the middle of that messy situation that God chooses to show up,” producer Terry Botwick told Over Time News.

In early 2005, Smith, a widowed mother who had lost custody of her daughter, was struggling to get past her addiction and find her purpose in life. On March 12, Nichols, an escaped convict, held her at gunpoint in her own apartment for seven hours.

Nichols had escaped from Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta the day before, after fatally shooting a judge, a court reporter, and a sheriff’s deputy. During Georgia’s largest manhunt ever, he claimed a fourth victim, a federal agent, before he ended up at Smith’s apartment complex at 2 a.m.

Smith’s book, Unlikely Angel: The Untold Story of the Atlanta Hostage Hero, is the basis for Captive, starring David Oyelowo and Kate Mara, which opens this week in theaters.

“Sometimes we’re trying so hard to paint this pretty picture of what it’s like to be a believer, what the universe is like with God in it and the fact is that we are still living in a world that’s being redeemed,” Botwick went on to explain. “It’s not fully redeemed, yet, and there’s messy stuff, and God’s not afraid of that. In fact, Jesus himself was called a glutton and a drunkard because of the people he hung around with. He hung around with people that needed redemption.

“It’s a story of two desperate people and God met them in that place.”

Director Jerry Jameson told OTN that he’d like moviegoers, after watching Captive, to ask the question: “Do you think God really did that?”

Botwick said the movie is not made for believers per se, “but we should all be embracing this story because it’s infused with God’s grace.”

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