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Iron Man Oikodome: Men’s Breakfast Meeting Gives Holy Spirit Space to Roam

Tue, Mar. 29, 2016 Posted: 09:26 PM

IRVINE, Calif. - What I like best about Iron Man Oikodome, a monthly men’s breakfast held in Irvine, is that ministry leader Dan Wright and his team give the Holy Spirit a chance to operate… or space to roam, if you will.

By this I mean that while sticking to a timeline (7:30 to about 10 am) the meeting still allows for corporate prayer, one-on-one prayer, and impromptu testimonies. Yes, there’s a great time of worship and message, but it’s the time “in-between the cracks” that allows for sharing, healing, and powerful transformation. The meeting takes on amazing twists and turns when the Holy Spirit is allowed to guide the meeting’s direction and pace.

I had a chance to pray for one of the men at the meeting that came from U-Turn for Christ, a ranch for recovery from addictions in Perris, California, and I realized that it is for such a time as this that we are called to show the compassion and love that Jesus Christ always gives us.

Be careful not to organize the Holy Spirit out of your program. – Pastor Joe McTarsney, guest speaker at Iron Man Oikodome last Saturday

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