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7/10/12 at 10:44 AM 2 Comments

Jesus as a Write-In and Military Censorship

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Two important stories out today.

While it may seem more of a joke to some, an Internet evangelist is serious about his campaign to have Christians write-in the name of Jesus this coming election for president. Be sure to read for the reaction by a political science college professor advocating that Christians elevate the political dialogue. (full story)

It is my absolute pleasure any time I talk to Chaplain (Col. USAR retired) Ron Crews, executive director for the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, for a story. Find out his thoughts on how things have been with the military since the repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell" (DADT) less than a year ago. Is the U.S. Department of Defense censoring those opposed to the new gay policies? (full story)

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