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My mom loved beautiful things...

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My mom loved beautiful things.

She loved deep blue skies and puffy white clouds. She loved weeping birch trees and meadows filled with flowers.

She also loved sunsets while looking out at the ocean and the pine-scented air during picnics in the mountains. She loved being close to nature whenever she had the opportunity.

My mom also loved people and especially children. Children brought her joy and they received joy from her as well.

And my mom loved words. She was my number one fan of my writing. But she also loved spoken words. And every time I would visit her during the last year of her life she would love to hear the words of my prayers with her before I left to go home.

One night, I taught her a simple prayer: I said “Mom, prayer can be simple. Let’s do this one: Lord, help me to not be anxious. Amen!” She would repeat after me and I would tell her that she could always pray that one when I’m not around.

On another night, just several months ago, I took out an evangelical tract from my wallet and went over the steps on how to accept Jesus into one’s heart. She repeated the steps back to me after I spoke them to her. I read the verses to go along with those steps. She said “yes” to Jesus that night.

My mom loved beautiful things… and I know she is now in the most beautiful place ever, at peace with God.

Dear Mom,
I love you. You are so beautiful in so many ways. See you again when it’s time!


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