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3/13/13 at 12:30 PM 4 Comments

New CP Feature: The Wonk Room; 'Wonk' Defined

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Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on a great new feature at The Christian Post: The Wonk Room.

Yes, that's right... It's for all you public policy wonks!

If you don't know what a wonk is don't feel bad. I had to look it up myself!

If you ARE a wonk... wear it with a badge of honor... I guess! ;)

BTW you'll find great reading in The Wonk Room!

Definition of WONK

: a person preoccupied with arcane details or procedures in a specialized field; broadly : nerd

— wonk·ery noun
— wonk·ish adjective
— wonk·ish·ness noun

See wonk defined for English-language learners »

Examples of WONK

the policy wonks in the government

Origin of WONK

origin unknown

First Known Use: 1954

Related to WONK

bookworm, dink [slang], dork [slang], geek, grind, swot [British], weenie, nerd

Related Words
double-dome, egghead, highbrow, intellectual; brain, genius; academic, bookman, scholar; gearhead, techie


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