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No Pastor at the Pulpit: What Happens When a Congregation Takes Over an Easter Sunday Church Service?

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In a bold move outside the norm for most congregations, Santa Monica pastor Steve Snook plans to set aside his own preaching as he did last year and give the keys, so to say, to the Easter late morning service to those sitting on the grass at Temescal Canyon Park.

I took part and witnessed this amazing work of the Holy Spirit last year.

Instead of a tightly wrapped “boxed” Easter sermon, Pastor Steve explained at the beginning of this remarkable gathering, that God had told him, “This service is on me.”

Snook told me recently, that last year, “coming into Easter I was praying, ‘Lord, what do we do?’”

“Then, God said to me, ‘You asked for me to lead and it’s not about you and what you have to say, Steve. It’s my church, let me work,’” the pastor of Metro Church said. “Realizing for me to kind of take my hands off of it and not have to think about me preaching this moving sermon or something… It was really more about God doing it through his people.”

At the service, held at a spectacular grassy area “surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation, deep in the canyon under the Sycamore trees,” and after a potluck brunch followed by a time of music, Snook asked that those in attendance, about a hundred or so, to get into groups of 8 to 10 people. He then passed out Bible verses to each of the groups that formed. Groups were asked to discuss the verses, choose a leader, and then have that person go before the congregation and share what his or her group wanted to tell others about their discussion.

What transpired then was remarkable.


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