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Obamacare: When Steve McQueen Took a Back Seat

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There we were in the middle of our daily editorial newsroom teleconference chat when somehow, someway movie legend Steve McQueen's name came up.

Nevermind that we were in the middle of news lead analysis or that SCOTUS was about to render a decision on Obamacare... we were talkin' Steve McQueen.

"Who knows who Steve McQueen is?" ... the question was asked, aimed primarily at the millennials among us.

I waited a few seconds, but had to say it, "The Great Escape!" That's where every good conversation about McQueen should start ... a movie with one of the most memorable scenes ever. Paled in comparison to the "stunts" of today, but the bike-over-the-barbed-wire-fence scene was of epic, ground-breaking thrills at the time (btw I'm not a millennial).

We talked a few more moments about Steve as I Googled to find the bike he used in the movie and a YouTube clip of "the scene"... and then, all of a sudden, the announcement was made... Obamacare was upheld by SCOTUS. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, we were off and running.

No more Steve McQueen...

Only a busy newsroom grinding the story of the day.

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