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Painted Posse Issues Final Statement on LSU's 'Airbrushing of Our Crosses'

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The Painted Posse, a group of Christian LSU students (LSU Apologizes for Editing Out Crosses in Photo, But New Policy No Better?), decided to clear the air with a last official statement in regards to the matter.

Here's the Posse Press Release:

“In light of the recent airbrushing of our crosses by LSU staff members and the discussion that has followed, the Painted Posse – a group of Christian LSU students – would like to thank the public for the outpouring of support both for the group and for Christ.

Please allow us to clear up some confusion and make certain that our ideals and intentions are not misconstrued by individuals, members of the media, or the university that we love. The University has reached out to our group and apologized for this incident. The following statement should be considered the last such communication from any Posse member regarding the “cross airbrushing” incident. Collectively, we thank you for your understanding.

‘We, the members of the Painted Posse, do not agree with the University’s recent decision to airbrush crosses out of the photo of some of our members. We also respect the opinions of those who do not agree with us. Despite what happened, our main focus is to represent Christ. This Christ is our Savior who died on a cross to save us from sin, was raised again, and now lives in our lives. Our goal as the Painted Posse is to portray Christ through our actions while cheering on our Tigers! Our group will return to our normal seats, with our normal, painted uniforms on November 3rd, wholeheartedly supporting our Tigers. We are humbled by the many who have shown support for our beliefs, but we would encourage all fellow members of the LSU family to please switch the focus from this story and the Posse to supporting our beloved university.

We encourage anyone who would like to honor Jesus Christ to join us by wearing a cross on November 3rd. We strongly discourage the wearing of a cross as a way to protest the university or its recent decision. We desire that no further negative light would be shone upon the university that we love. We acknowledge the efforts of the LSU administration and look forward to serving the university as both fans and students.

Let’s unite all Tiger supporters as we prepare for the biggest game of the year. May we, as the LSU family, support our Tigers with all the fervor of the South Carolina game and much more! Bring. On. Bama.’”

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