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Praying For Egypt, Kasr El Dobara Church

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(Photo: Alex Murashko)
Tahrir Square, Cairo, February 2012.

Israel Today: Does the recent One Thing conference show that there is an active Evangelical Christian presence in Egypt?

Bahy Rafla: Yes, especially at the Kasr El Dobara Church [Israel Today Note - situated in the heart of Cairo, Kasr El Dobara boasts an attendance of 7,000 people, making it the largest Evangelical church in the Middle East.]

Praying right now for Egypt, and the people of Kasr El Dobara Church, which is a short distance away from Tahrir Square in Cairo. I'm picking up from the pastor's Arabic twitter feed that he is telling people to not go to church Sunday evening because of the 3-days of heavy protesting since president Mohammed Morsi announced that no other branch of government can overrule him.

The service will be broadcast on the Internet. This is the church about 2 blocks from Tahrir Square and hosts a hospital triage in its courtyard. I was there last February. My heart aches for these people!

Kasr El Dobara Church on the Web:

- Alex

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