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Praying For Frank Pastore

Tue, Nov. 27, 2012 Posted: 11:34 AM

I had the blessing of talking to Frank Pastore's wife, Gina, yesterday about her husband one week after he suffered a coma and other injuries as the result of a motorcycle accident.

Pastore, 55, who is the host of a daily show on radio station KKLA in Glendale, Calif., was injured in Duarte when his motorcycle was struck in the freeway carpool lane by a swerving car.

"His listeners know that actually the last Monday night, the night of the accident, Frank had a segment on the show with a professor from APU (Asuza Pacific University) and Frank was talking about the reality of the soul," Gina Pastore said. "He often talked about this because he was a Christian philosopher. He mentioned on the air, he said, 'that if I were to be killed on the freeway tonight and my body parts are all over the freeway I'm not on the freeway because I'm my soul and I would be with the Lord.'

"He actually said that the night that it happened, not knowing that he would be hit on his motorcycle. Frank would want people to know that. God created us. We have a soul and we are going to be with the Lord. I pray that Frank's time is not up yet on this earth. I think God has more for him to do, but we have that blessed assurance that we know where he will be if he were not to pull through this," she said.

I'm praying for Frank, Gina, and the rest of their family. She is right, I think God has more for Frank to do.


- Alex

Note: A Pray for Frank Pastore Facebook page has been started....

Alex Murashko