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2/17/14 at 10:01 AM 6 Comments

Son of God: To Some it May Feel Like Hype, But it's Not, it's a Movie That's About To Rock the World

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I had the opportunity to see a pre-screening of the Son of God movie at Saddleback Church recently and wanted to share something with you. Pastor Rick Warren hosted the film's producers, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, at the special screening for local pastors. And despite what some of you may look at as just another well-oiled promotional campaign, I urge you to get past any skepticism about the movie's theatrical release on Feb 28 and get engaged in any way you can.

I recommend beginning with prayer. Do not simply say, "Oh, too much hype." Get past that.

In my opinion, this movie will impact the world for Jesus more so than any movie previously. It's like "The Passion of the Christ" without the "art" (beautiful as it was) and much more representative of The Bible, especially the spoken words, verse by verse.

Many churches nationwide are renting movie theaters out for Thursday, Feb. 27 to invite friends, neighbors, co-workers, and loved ones for a special screening. Please consider getting involved. The movie is the real deal. Consider using this tool of love!

– Alex Murashko, Church & Minsitry Editor, The Christian Post

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