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The Bible: Has History Channel Cracked 'The Hollywood' Code?

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(Photo: The Bible Series)

Christians making an impact in Hollywood are watching The Bible series alongside everyone else. However, most are not in shock at the huge cable TV viewing audience numbers as perhaps many in the entertainment industry secretly (and some openly) must be. Industry Christians (and casual believing observers) are watching to watch how Hollywood reacts.

In an exclusive interview with producer Mark Joseph he says:

"If these types of numbers are true and repeatable, then the entire entertainment industry would have to be rethought, reprioritized and reorganized. So it will attempt to be written off as a fluke. But it's not a fluke if done properly. The audience is there."

In filmmaker Phil Cooke's blog post, Why is the History Channel's 'The Bible' Series So Popular? he writes:

"But with few exceptions, I’ve dealt with reporters or seen other stories by reporters who are mystified at its success. But then again in a nation that has pretty much no knowledge of the Bible’s impact on Western culture, this is to be expected. I remember years ago after President George Bush made a reference to the 'Walls of Jericho,' a network TV reporter responded that he had no idea what the Walls of Jericho were, but he’d check it out and get back to us."

What's next? A Christian TMZ?

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UPDATE: My interview with Cooke here: 'The Bible' Series: Hollywood Gets the Message It's Good Business to Respect Christians

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