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Urbana 2012: Photo Gallery

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(Photo: InterVaristy USA/Erin McConnaha)

Urbana 2012:

(Photo: InterVarsity USA/Kyle VanEtten)

Urbana 2012:

(Photo: InterVarsity USA/Micah Chiang)
"Surrender your plans and allow God to surprise you. God's invitation may be unexpected," Tom Lin, who is the Urbana conference director and InterVarsity's vice president, said from the stage. "You and I are called to share God's Kingdom news not just for our campuses, not just for our cities, but also for the ends of the earth – the unfamiliar places, the unfamiliar cultures, and for unfamiliar friends. I encourage you to hear God's voice this week. I encourage you to give yourself to areas of God's mission that are unfamiliar to you."
(Photo: InterVarsity USA/Erin McConnaha)

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