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Urbana 2012: Speakers David Platt, Chai Ling Tonight - Live Stream

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(Photo: Intervarsity USA/Sean Hsueh)

When asked during a press conference today about what he will speak about to about 16,000 people at the Urbana 2012 conference and a live Web audience Friday evening, author and pastor David Platt answered:

The basic essence of what I want to talk about is how Jesus is worthy of our trust. He's worthy of our plans and dreams. He's worthy of our affections. When we see His worth for who He really is then we will eagerly, willingly and gladly give our lives, even lose them if necessary to make His glory known to the ends of the earth.

Also, speaking tonight will be Chai Ling, author of A Heart for Freedom and twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her role in leading the Tiananmen Square Student movement.

Catch the live stream of Urbana 2012 tonight beginning at 7:30 pm CST here:

Urbana Missions Conference: 16,000 Students Urged to Listen to God's Calling

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