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Urbana Conference: Youth Movement in St. Louis?

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(Photo: Alex Wire)

More than 16,000 students, missionaries, and people waiting to hear their marching orders from God are about to fill a good chunk of the stadium where normally the St. Louis Rams play football.

"Intercessors have been praying for you around the clock since before you left home. You will not be the same after tonight," Urbana Student Missions Conference organizers stated.

Urbana is InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's triennial student mission conference.

URBANA '12 Director & InterVarsity VP, Tom Lin, said during a press conference today that he hopes lives will change.

"Our vision is to catalyze students towards God's global mission," Lin said.

Judging by the thick amosphere of enthusiasm one could cut with a knife here in St. Louis, I would say the students are well on their way.

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- Alex Murashko

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