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When Good News Makes the Front Page

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Sure there's yesterday's Joe Paterno slash Jerry Sandusky story. There's also your usual scandal, political jockeying, and crime infestation fare tailor-made to fill your every readable device.

But that's not the only news "fit to print" from media outlets throughout the world – there's good news, too.

Take for example my story published Friday about a small church in Mississippi that decided to give 100% of their tithes and offerings for a year to the less fortunate. They were able to help those who not only needed a hand out to get them through a tough season, but a hand up.

Traceway Baptist Church in Clinton knew who really needed help – they prayed and consulted each other. They walked with them. However, Pastor John Richardson told me that not every act of generosity was met with a walk in grace. There were disappointments.

Still, we may never fully see the full picture of the church's one-year project (planned to be done again every 7 years) until much later, if ever.

That's the beauty of stepping out in faith.


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