Ambassador of Reconciliation
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Can You See Beyond?

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Think of someone who is hostile to the gospel—maybe a cynical scoffer or a hardcore atheist or a militant Muslim. What is your attitude toward these enemies of the cross of Christ?

Now suppose that God laid one of these people on your heart and gave you assurance that the person would eventually come to the cross and become a brother or sister in Christ. Would your attitude be different? How would you treat the person? What would you say to him or her? How would you respond to the person’s hostility? How would you pray?

Could you look into that enemy of the cross and see the lost sheep inside? And do you have the faith to look beyond the lost sheep to see a future fellow believer and citizen of heaven? Can you see past the person’s present condition—dead in trespasses and sins—and envision his future as a redeemed child of the heavenly Father, alive in Christ and taking his place in the family of God?

Now imagine for a moment that everyone who comes across your path—whether close family member, good friend, belligerent foe, slight acquaintance, or anonymous stranger—is destined to be raised up with Christ and to become a son or daughter of God and fellow servant with you. Would it have a positive or negative effect on your relationships with them? On your love for them? On your witnessing to them?

I challenge you to look with the eyes of faith to see beyond present realities and get a glimpse of what God is doing in the hearts of people and ultimately will accomplish fully—when all the peoples of the earth will know His name and fear Him and be blessed by Him.

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