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6/12/13 at 09:23 PM 245 Comments

Heaven or Hell: Who Goes Where?

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As I have read about heaven and hell and interacted with people here on Christianpost and elsewhere regarding this topic, I have taken note of the different positions that Christians hold regarding eternal destinies. It is quite curious that we can all read the same Bible and come away with such disparate ideas, but that is the reality. The chart below presents some of the major views about who ends up where. There is some overlap among the positions (for example, Calvinists are probably Exclusivists, Arminians can believe in the Narrow Gate or Wider Mercy, Universalists can be either Exclusivists or Inclusivists, etc.), but this overview gives a simplified picture of the various views.

I'd be interested in knowing what CP readers believe. I invite you to leave a comment telling which categories most accurately describe your beliefs. (Mention all that apply.) You may not like being labeled with a name, and certainly such a condensed overview cannot give details and nuances for each position, but try to indicate which descriptions are closest to what you believe. And feel free to offer corrections or additions.

My hope in writing this brief blog is to raise awareness of all the different beliefs that true Christians hold. I also hope that readers can recognize and respect the views of fellow believers.
My next post is related to this topic. It is a review of the movie Hellbound?, a documentary that presents the many views about hell. Another follow-up to this post asks the question "What does it take to get into heaven?" See it here.

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