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ALL is the nation's oldest Catholic pro-life education and advocacy organization.

Posted 6/20/14 at 11:42 AM | American Life League

A Tribute to Father Kenneth Walker, FSSP (1985-2014)

By Judie Brown

An amazing man and priest tragically lost his life last week at the hands of a disturbed individual. Let us not reflect upon the wickedness of this murder, but upon the life Father Walker led, and upon the light he brought to this world when he lived. It is only then will we see the light and hand of Christ.

Father Kenneth Walker, FSSP, (Fraternal Society of St. Peter) died on June 11, at the age of 28, from gunshot wounds inflicted by a homeless man who then proceeded to seriously assault a second priest, Father Joseph Terra, pastor. This tragic string of events occurred in the rectory of the Mater Misericordiae Mission in Phoenix.

Father Terra was beaten so severely that he was admitted to the hospital in serious condition. However, just five days later he appeared at the Requiem Mass for Father Walker, though in a wheelchair and heavily bandaged. FULL POST

Posted 6/17/14 at 2:10 PM | American Life League

Casey Kasem: A Legend Dies a Sad Death

Photo: Alan Light - Creative Commons
Casey Kasem

By Judie Brown

When a family member suffers, or is sick and dying, it is natural to want him to have the best care possible. But we must understand what proper care includes. A recent and tragic example explains why end-of-life care that supports the dignity of Christ’s children is of utmost importance.

Casey Kasem, a man described by his peers as a legend, created classic rock’s “American Top 40” and remained on the air as a disc jockey for 50 years. His illustrious career reflected the life of a man who, according to one reporter, truly cared about his work, the people who faithfully listened to him, and the ordinary things of life—all of which made him incredibly likeable, even though he was surrounded by obvious wealth.

Kasem died at the age of 82 after a lengthy illness. But the way he died was not at all reflective of that charismatic joy that defined him. FULL POST

Posted 4/25/14 at 10:32 AM | American Life League

Two Popes and Today’s Sexual Chaos

By Judie Brown

On Sunday, history will be made as Pope Francis will canonize two new saints—Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II. This significant day is also a day to reflect upon their lives and to remember the contribution they made, not only to the Church, but to the world as well.

Canonization is always a special event in the Catholic Church. But history will be made two days from now as two recent popes—both of whom have had a profound effect on the Church, her theology, and the world—will be elevated to sainthood.

The first of these, Pope John XXIII, presided over the opening of the Second Vatican Council. That alone made him a controversial pope in the eyes of those with the misguided notion that convening this council was the beginning of modernism in the Church. The fact is that the council did not open the doors to error. The misinterpretation of Vatican II documents was preceded by years of misguided attitudes propagated by wayward priests, bishops, and lay theologians. FULL POST

Posted 4/22/14 at 1:17 PM | American Life League

Asexual Human Reproduction

Photo: PD Images - Public Domain
Sexual reproduction involves a sperm penetrating an egg.

By Judie Brown

It is imperative in today’s world to have a good understanding of science and the terms frequently used. Today’s commentary explains these terms and helps us understand why some of the old terminology is no longer appropriate.

Today the phrase “from the beginning of his/her biological development” accurately defines when the life of an individual human being begins to exist; the terms “conception” or “fertilization” do not.

We have learned this is so because the fact is that not all human beings begin through sexual means; some are reproduced asexually.

This concept is difficult to explain without a scientific background. I know this firsthand because my vocation is wife, mother, and grandmother, not geneticist. But it can be explained so that anyone gets it.

Follow me for a moment.

Sexual reproduction means “fertilization”—the union of a human sperm with a human egg resulting in the reproduction of a genetically distinct human being. This can happen naturally within a woman’s body, or artificially in an IVF (in vitro fertilization) or ART facility (artificial reproductive technology). FULL POST

Posted 3/4/14 at 11:47 AM | American Life League

When a Human Being Is Not

By Judie Brown

For those of us who realize the truth—that life begins the moment a child is created—arguments suggesting otherwise are inane. When we hear the assertion that a human being is not alive until he is born—despite his beating heart, moving limbs, functioning organs, and so on—we wonder how anyone could believe this lie. The fundamental right to life is denied every second of every day in America because of this lie and we must not allow this insanity to continue.

Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, is dumb like a fox. When recently asked at what point a human being becomes a human being, she stated, “This is a question that I think will be debated through the centuries, and people come down on very different points of view on that.” FULL POST

Posted 2/28/14 at 10:49 AM | American Life League

Deconstructing God’s Plan

By Judie Brown

Love the sinner, hate the sin. That is something we are taught from the time we are children. But, in today’s society, we are now taught to tolerate the sin, embrace the sin, or even advocate for the sin. If we dare to mention that a type of behavior is sinful, we are castigated and branded intolerant. As we regularly see, Catholic clergy often do not give voice to God’s word and God’s will. Consequently, we now live in a society where it is the peoples’ will that rules. Why have we silenced God?   

The first line in a recent news report states, “As the debate over transgenderism grows across the country, two Catholic churches are holding what local news calls a “series of talks on what it’s like to be transgender.’” The sponsors are All Saints Catholic Church and St. Lucy’s Catholic Church, both located in the diocese of Syracuse, New York. FULL POST

Posted 2/25/14 at 12:00 PM | American Life League

It’s Judgmental, Hateful, and Intolerant!

Photo: Brian Stansberry - Creative Commons
Pro life demonstrator carries "Abortion Hurts Women" poster.

By Judie Brown

It seems that, lately, those who agree that abortion is a woman’s choice are the only ones who are allowed to speak out. If you are pro-life and state this, or hold a sign to make others aware, then you are labeled intolerant, hateful, or hurtful. But we cannot stop using our voices, for the people we speak for do not have voices yet. They are the ones being slaughtered. And we are the ones who must protect them.

Over the years the supporters of abortion have used a variety of adjectives to describe those of us who work to ensure equal protection for every human being from creation to death. FULL POST

Posted 2/21/14 at 12:28 PM | American Life League

Contraception is the Root Cause of Abortion!

Photo: Wikipedia/Ceridwen - Creative Commons

By Judie Brown

Imagine that your doctor has just given you the terrific news that your annual checkup went well and that all of your tests show that you are in perfect health. Then imagine that he hands you a script and says, “Take this every day. It has many side effects, including lethal ones.” You would be loath to begin this regimen. Yet, this is what countless women do each day when they use contraception to “prevent” a pregnancy.

On the heels of news that former daytime talk show host Ricki Lake is producing a forthcoming documentary on the dangers of contraception, we find a unique concern. “Lake will act as executive producer alongside director Abby Epstein in a full-length film based on Holly Grigg-Spall’s book Sweetening The Pill: Or How We Became Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control.” FULL POST

Posted 2/18/14 at 3:29 PM | American Life League

Perverse Fruits of IVF

By Judie Brown

The medical community touts in vitro fertilization as something great, something amazing. But it omits the fact that this procedure is not victimless. Neither is it moral or ethical. Today’s commentary explores the words of Pope John Paul II and the Church and explains what every Catholic should know.

In vitro fertilization is one of many procedures listed as a specialty in the field of reproductive medicine. Everything from treating pregnancy to aborting children to birth control to treating infertility is included.

Infertility” is the inability of a couple to achieve pregnancy the natural way. It is this condition that first generated the interest and scientific study pursued by the fathers of IVF, Doctors Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards. After some failure, the first IVF baby, Louise Brown, was born. The front page of her hometown newspaper, The Evening News, carried this headline: “Meet Louise, the World’s First Test-Tube Arrival . . . SUPERBABE.” FULL POST

Posted 2/17/14 at 9:20 AM | American Life League

Creating a Civilization of Love, Not Death

By Judie Brown

Unselfish love—a true, Christlike love—means always wanting what’s best for the other person and putting others before yourself. This love in no way includes the premature death of a living person. On this day of love and affection, let us not forget all that Christ has taught us. Let us not forget that He suffered and died for us. And let us allow our Christlike love to spill forth and cover our loved ones who are in pain rather than allowing our fears and misguided compassion to snuff out their lives.

St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated from one end of the nation to the other in many ways. But amidst all the cards, e-mails, candies, and flowers, there is one sentiment that trumps them all—unselfish love for the most vulnerable in our midst. FULL POST

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