As the Truth Relates...
2/20/12 at 12:48 PM 0 Comments

In Meditation

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The land of REST has no outer limits. It is infinite. There may be a point of entry, but certainly there is no exit except for the illusions constructed in our mind.

God has said "My GOODNESS does not cease because of your actions or intent. Go, and do thou likewise".

All of my limitations are just that...MINE. I have constructed them by fear, slothfulness, and learned helplessness. How "much I can take" is only relevant when I walk apart from my infinite Creator. Only by pride comes stumbling in this walk, and pride is non existent when my mind and emotions are connected to the infinite one. He cannot be harmed, He has much room to absorb wrongdoing. If I do not, it is because I am disconnected.

Rise above fear...rise above strife...rise up!!!

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