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Posted 3/14/17 at 7:16 AM | Lisiana Carter

Here are the 8 Fashion Trends to Look Forward to in 2017

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,” that is according to celebrity fashion stylist, Rachel Zoe. The way you put together yourself from the head, down to your toes, indeed, is how you make an impression, most especially in this growing culture of “Hi. Goodbye.”

Bring it on, Spring.
Spring, unlike the cold and gloomy months of winter, is a time to welcome the sunshine and therefore a great time to go see, sit, have a tea and chat with the lovely people in your life. When you do bask in the sun, style it up in the best fashion trends for spring. Here are our top picks:

Metallic florals and pastels.
Hands up to the extraordinary showing from Elie Saab. She lined up a delicious combination of mini dresses and sheer, long gowns in metallic pastel and glitter frosted fabrics. Who would have thought that glamor, star quality (the clothes literally have stars on them) and comfort can all be rolled into one —and, for the warm months of spring. The collection also showed what look like Kimono inspired dresses with neckline cuts running across the chest, all the way to the waist level. We also loved the glittery ball caps, very clever! FULL POST

Posted 2/20/17 at 9:22 AM | Lisiana Carter

9 Best Anti Aging Natural Remedies and Skin Care Secrets

Way before beauty became a highly commercialized staple, the women and men of the world have been obsessed with eternal youth and beauty that never fades. Unfortunately, humankind’s preoccupation with science has driven most of these traditions to oblivion, although very little is understood about them, much to our disadvantage.

Albert Einstein once said that, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. The recent movement of skin and personal care is shifting to what’s naturally found in nature, and all of a sudden, the synthetic ingredients have become less favored.

Natural tips for breathtaking, beautiful skin.

These days, it is no longer a secret that several natural sources contain a natural substance that causes anti-aging effects. Revealed below are 9 of these natural remedies for a youthful complexion that won’t cost you a fortune: FULL POST

Posted 1/13/17 at 5:20 AM | Lisiana Carter

7 Habits of Highly Stylish People You Should know

Stylish people

This is the decade when handheld gadgets and social media ruled and have now officially taken over our lives — for better AND for the worse. In styling terms, these two massive tech developments have set aside the kingmakers of bygone years. All of a sudden, anybody can be the celebrities they once could only look up to on boob tube. Everybody is putting out a public personality via their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

It could be this newly founded and still growing exposure to the public eye that are prompting countless women and men to want to look presentable, fashionable, someone that their followers or subscribers can potentially learn to love to watch.

Upping the stylish you

What many people fail to understand is that being stylish goes beyond simply wearing what’s current and what’s been trending on the runways. More than anything, being stylish is about taking the harder route — innovating, exercising, sticking to a diet plan, daring and practically wearing one’s individuality out in the open and not worrying about whether or not people will love or hate them. FULL POST

Posted 12/8/16 at 4:09 AM | Lisiana Carter

Is The Vampire Facial Really As Scary As It Looks?

Want to keep looking young and beautiful? Whoever said that beauty doesn’t come with a price? If you haven’t already heard, there’s even a long-running tv reality show, “Beauty hurts,” that’s been airing for a long time now.

Does vampire facial hurt more or less? That must be the better question to ask then. When what causes acne no longer bothers your skin, there’s a chance that marks left behind will continue to linger. That’s when a vampire facial may be able to step in.

Should you be scared?

There is nothing in the world of beauty too bizaare for women and men who want to stay looking forever youthful not to try. So, there’s really no point to be scared of a vampire facial.

Here are the top reasons why a vampire facial isn’t as scary as it sounds:

1. Vampire facial, technically known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), does involve blood but only your own. Blood must be the most infectious carrier of pathogens and diseases. You should be afraid of proposals to harvest blood from other people and injecting it to strategic points on your face because then you can get infected by countless blood-borne diseases. On the contrary, getting a facial shot of your own blood isn’t nearly as risky. More on the procedure later. FULL POST

Posted 11/21/16 at 2:16 AM | Lisiana Carter

10 Essential Make Up Tools Every Girl Should Have

Every lady needs perfect beauty basics in her handbag. These are valuable and versatile products that you keep on reaching for again and again. If you are not aware of the specific items that you need, worry not; this article provides you with ten essential makeup ideas and tools that you need to have. Alternatively, you can drop by any reputable cosmetics shop and ask for help finding your appropriate shade.

1. Highlighter

The results for this makeup may be subtle, but you should not skip it. When well placed, it lays the difference between average and a fantastic look. Swipe a powder at the corner of your eyes, over your cheekbone top and the cupid bows on your upper lip and the folds around your nose and mouth for an instant boost.

2. Super concealer

A concealer is the only guaranteed way to get rid of dark spots and circles on your face. It is a temporary solution, but if used well it may hide the dark spots completely. When applying, dab it onto the dark areas. Allow for a minute so that be absorbed, carefully blend its edges into the skin. Use minimal pressure to avoid rubbing the product off. FULL POST

Posted 10/3/16 at 4:51 AM | Lisiana Carter

Easy Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

Makeup Clinique Sunscreen

Ever wondered how some women could preserve their youth much better than others can? You’ve probably heard some secrets being whispered all over about how women like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez or Halle Berry stay young and sultry and still looking at the top of their game way beyond 40.

Forget about the rumors and set aside the hearsay. Throw that 80-something list of beauty tips because below is a run through of the only 10 beauty tips you need to know to stay young and beautiful whether you’re 20 or well over 60:

1. Use sunscreen religiously. It’s one part of your beauty routine that you don’t want to miss out on a sunny day, and certainly not even when the weather news bulletin is announcing strong winds, storm, and snow. Don’t use just any sunscreen! Check out Clinique Sunscreen reviews and see if this product suits you.

2. Exfoliate regularly. Your skin naturally loses its ability to efficiently turn over new skin as you age. Support and help speed up the process by deliberately sloughing off your skin. When you do, always do it gently, particularly when you have aging, delicate skin. Your best exfoliants are alpha hydroxy acids, including lactic, glycolic and citric acids, which may come separately or included in your nighttime creams. Deep exfoliate at least twice weekly to see supple skin all the time. FULL POST