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10 Essential Make Up Tools Every Girl Should Have

Mon, Nov. 21, 2016 Posted: 02:16 AM

Every lady needs perfect beauty basics in her handbag. These are valuable and versatile products that you keep on reaching for again and again. If you are not aware of the specific items that you need, worry not; this article provides you with ten essential makeup ideas and tools that you need to have. Alternatively, you can drop by any reputable cosmetics shop and ask for help finding your appropriate shade.

1. Highlighter

The results for this makeup may be subtle, but you should not skip it. When well placed, it lays the difference between average and a fantastic look. Swipe a powder at the corner of your eyes, over your cheekbone top and the cupid bows on your upper lip and the folds around your nose and mouth for an instant boost.

2. Super concealer

A concealer is the only guaranteed way to get rid of dark spots and circles on your face. It is a temporary solution, but if used well it may hide the dark spots completely. When applying, dab it onto the dark areas. Allow for a minute so that be absorbed, carefully blend its edges into the skin. Use minimal pressure to avoid rubbing the product off.

3. Natural blush

Having the correct shade will give you an expression like you are blushing, not like you are wearing blush. For a natural look, use lighter shades, skipping any with shimmer. Using a blushing brush, swipe small color amount across the apples on your cheeks. Where the blush is starting and ending point are clear, change the color used as it may be too dark, or over applied.

4. Eyelash curler

Most eyelashes grow outward, rather than upward. Appling mascara without curling these lashes will not provide the intended impact. However, be careful not to curl lashes after applying mascara. Use a plastic curler that will help you avoid the bent look associated with the metal curlers.

5. Clump free mascara

Exposing mascara to air for an extended period makes it thick, leading to clumps. If your mascara is goopy, toss it or try another brand. When applying it, curl your lashes first, press the mascara wand against your lashes, and steer clear of lids. When moving the rod towards the tips, wiggle it in a zigzag motion back and forth, ensuring that you hit every lash.

6. Eyeliner

Eyes are very sensitive, and probably don’t take kindly the idea of slathering them with makeup especially on the sensitive inner lash lines and rims. When doing this, use a soft pencil that glides without tugging or additional pressure. If lining your upper lash line, using your hand, pull up the lid slightly. The skin becomes slightly taught enabling you to gain contact with the lashes. Use the other hand to dot the liner across the absolute top of lashes.

7. Lipstick

These come in different colors, some are brown, others red. Focus on getting the lipstick that emphasizes on your natural look. Maintain your lips well even before you think of applying lipsticks.

8. Eyeshadow

Look for a perfect eyeshadow that is slightly darker than your tone. If your skin is dark, have a light brown, or a soft plum. For a light skin, get the gray-beige and a light apricot for fair skin. Apply them carefully to avoid hard lines from popping up.

9. Tinted SPF

Almost every successful makeup look must have a foundation; this does not mean that you must use one. In most complexions, the semi-sheer tints give the right amount of coverage letting your glow shine throughout. Always choose a product with an inbuilt SPF as your foundation.

10. Cheek color

Use a bright blush, neutral shade that is consistent with your lipstick for your cheek color.


Always ensure that your skin is kept clean and adequately protected from germs. Clean the brushes that you intend to use when applying makeup. You can use baby shampoo or gentle soap to clean them up.