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7 Habits of Highly Stylish People You Should know

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Stylish people

This is the decade when handheld gadgets and social media ruled and have now officially taken over our lives — for better AND for the worse. In styling terms, these two massive tech developments have set aside the kingmakers of bygone years. All of a sudden, anybody can be the celebrities they once could only look up to on boob tube. Everybody is putting out a public personality via their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

It could be this newly founded and still growing exposure to the public eye that are prompting countless women and men to want to look presentable, fashionable, someone that their followers or subscribers can potentially learn to love to watch.

Upping the stylish you

What many people fail to understand is that being stylish goes beyond simply wearing what’s current and what’s been trending on the runways. More than anything, being stylish is about taking the harder route — innovating, exercising, sticking to a diet plan, daring and practically wearing one’s individuality out in the open and not worrying about whether or not people will love or hate them.

Below are the real 7 habits of stylish people you need to learn when being stylish yourself is to be achieved:

1. Stylish people are not afraid to experiment. When everybody else is wearing an outfit with a scarf, they will wear it with a necktie. When the whole world goes crazy over black, they will wear their pink suit in the brightest shade. In short, stylish people typically go against the tide. They don’t easily succumb to the fashion bandwagon nor get easily peer pressured. They like something that way, they like it. They don’t need to seek approval from anybody else.

2. They’re confident in their own skin. Stylish people come from many races and yes, sizes too. Stylish people are happy just the way they are. It is this confidence and that certain stance of being sure about themselves that really permit their personalities seem to fit any dress or any outfit that they wear. Dress them in ordinary clothes and they will still stand out. They will know how to customize it and own it.

3. They dress first for convenience, second for style. They like being stared at, alright, because that gives them reassurance that there’s something about what they’re doing that they’re actually doing right. Who doesn’t want reassurance? More than anything that adds to their confidence. What most people miss is that stylish people do not try so hard to be noticed — they just got it! They don’t have to be in skimpy clothes just because nor do they have to invite attention by making a scene. They’re stylish and they exude class.

4. They know how to love their bodies. They don’t worry too much about what to wear but they do spend hours taking better care of themselves. Stylish people take care of their bodies too. They follow a training plan and a diet plan. Today’s top models, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, both revealed that they start a typical day early so that they can make time to hit the gym before they go through everything else in their day’s schedule.

5. They dress for the occasion. One reason why stylish people come across fash is because they know exactly how to dress for the occasion. They’re never underdressed nor overdressed. They can pick up the most basic little black dress and use accessories to style it up and still end up appropriately dressed for an evening affair.

6. They are uber smart. They know that fashion is only next to the only thing that matters to beauty — beautiful skin. Achieving and maintaining beautiful skin is on top of their agenda, just as following a diet plan is. Since they’re smart and confident, they can carry out a good conversation with perfect strangers and dazzle them.

7. Stylish people own fashion. They don’t let it own them. They’re not brand conscious. If the shoe fits, it fits — that is their style motto. In fashion and style, there are simply cuts and pieces that flatter you more than others and that’s what you got to determine.


Being stylish does take browsing over fashion pages online or off but that’s not all there is to it. Develop your personality and be in touch with yourself. That will teach you how to be stylish and it is what people will notice.

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