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Easy Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

Mon, Oct. 03, 2016 Posted: 04:51 AM

Ever wondered how some women could preserve their youth much better than others can? You’ve probably heard some secrets being whispered all over about how women like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez or Halle Berry stay young and sultry and still looking at the top of their game way beyond 40.

Forget about the rumors and set aside the hearsay. Throw that 80-something list of beauty tips because below is a run through of the only 10 beauty tips you need to know to stay young and beautiful whether you’re 20 or well over 60:

1. Use sunscreen religiously. It’s one part of your beauty routine that you don’t want to miss out on a sunny day, and certainly not even when the weather news bulletin is announcing strong winds, storm, and snow. Don’t use just any sunscreen! Check out Clinique Sunscreen reviews and see if this product suits you.

2. Exfoliate regularly. Your skin naturally loses its ability to efficiently turn over new skin as you age. Support and help speed up the process by deliberately sloughing off your skin. When you do, always do it gently, particularly when you have aging, delicate skin. Your best exfoliants are alpha hydroxy acids, including lactic, glycolic and citric acids, which may come separately or included in your nighttime creams. Deep exfoliate at least twice weekly to see supple skin all the time.

3. Keep moisturizing. Much too much moisture is not even possible for aging skin. Whenever you find an opportunity to boost your skin’s moisture levels, take it. On a more regular basis, stick to your ampoules, essences and creams. Daytime must always be purposed for protection while nighttime must be targeted at supporting skin regeneration. On days when you have extra time,
soak your skin in moisturizing sheet mask.

4. Never let your skin run dry. Airports and planes are the worst places to be for any skin. Indoor environments with poor ventilation come next. If you can’t avoid these areas or, just to make sure you’re not suffering your skin whenever you’re out, always bring a moisturizing mist. Spray all around you whenever you feel your skin tighten.

5. Get clinic-based, non-invasive treatments on a more regular basis. Most especially when you crossover to your 30s, that is. These procedures work up more intense treatments for your skin that DIY treatments simply cannot match. Prioritize exfoliation, moisturization and rejuvenation. If dark skin patches are an issue for you, you should include skin lightening treatments in too.

6. Make good use of your makeup smarts. When applying makeup, less is more most especially when you are dealing with aging skin. Keep in mind that some coverups may not have sunscreen infused so don’t forget to apply your sunscreen. Some Clinique Sunscreen reviews attest to the product’s stability underneath your makeup — won’t smudge, won’t grease, won’t budge — of course, you may have a different opinion but, you’ll never know until you try.

7. Always feast on a healthy plate. Don’t deprive yourself of food or any food group. It’s unhealthy and absolutely counterproductive. Whenever you skip a meal, your body is prompted to go into starvation mode — that means, it shuts down your natural switches that tell you’re full, make you feel hungrier more frequently, and stores any excess as fats to keep you from starving in case you continue to hold back from eating. The trick is not to skip but to eat lean and eat right.

8. Stay active. Among this list of 10 tips to stay young, this is the entry many people always find hard to follow. Remember, you need to keep moving — that’s all it takes — it doesn’t have to be hours of laboring in the gym.

9. Count your blessings. There are surely many reasons to be thankful about, whatever circumstances you are faced with in life. Stop being jealous of other peoples’ achievements. Learn to love yourself more for who you really are. Live with a purpose, live to the fullest, and have a more positive outlook.

10. Sleep. Don’t wait until all else is done until you retire to bed. Treat sleep as if it were any other appointment in your calendar. It allows your body the time it needs to repair and rejuvenate so give into your eyes when you start feeling it become heavier.

5 Tricks which will do not require any makeup ideas to look good:


You are beautiful. Tell yourself that everyday, and that itself will make a whole new world of difference on how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you.