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Is The Vampire Facial Really As Scary As It Looks?

Thu, Dec. 08, 2016 Posted: 04:09 AM

Want to keep looking young and beautiful? Whoever said that beauty doesn’t come with a price? If you haven’t already heard, there’s even a long-running tv reality show, “Beauty hurts,” that’s been airing for a long time now.

Does vampire facial hurt more or less? That must be the better question to ask then. When what causes acne no longer bothers your skin, there’s a chance that marks left behind will continue to linger. That’s when a vampire facial may be able to step in.

Should you be scared?

There is nothing in the world of beauty too bizaare for women and men who want to stay looking forever youthful not to try. So, there’s really no point to be scared of a vampire facial.

Here are the top reasons why a vampire facial isn’t as scary as it sounds:

1. Vampire facial, technically known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), does involve blood but only your own. Blood must be the most infectious carrier of pathogens and diseases. You should be afraid of proposals to harvest blood from other people and injecting it to strategic points on your face because then you can get infected by countless blood-borne diseases. On the contrary, getting a facial shot of your own blood isn’t nearly as risky. More on the procedure later.

2. PRP, unlike eye creams such as Teamine, catalyzes your skin’s natural rejuvenation process to heal skin and keep it firm and contoured. You should be more afraid of anti-wrinkle products that rely on harmful and harsh synthetics to smoothen out your skin folds and bring back your skin’s youthful glow. many harsh ingredients are not just irritating but also toxic, which means it can poison your system and permanently damage your skin cells.

3. PRP only requires a few minutes of your time. You literally walk in then out of the clinic for your procedure. No to very minimal downtime can be expected. The cost, well, is another story.

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What should you expect from a vampire facial?

Vampire facials are claimed to improve the dry, rough, loose and dull appearance of fatigued and matured skin. Its unique preposition against more traditional facials and plastic surgery is in enhancing skin reconstruction without making you look like somebody else. PRP has been used in therapeutic medicine and wound healing.

In a study by Lacci, et. al. which was published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine in 2010, the wound healing efficacy of PRP was strongly supported. PRP is also used in facilitating faster healing of sports-related injuries.

PRP is not a new technology therefore, but only found new use which was popularized when socialite, Kim Kardashian, decided to try it herself and came out on social media with blood splattered on her face. What seems to make vampire facials work faster and result to noticeable results are growth factors found in the blood which support cell healing by promoting cell division and repair. Blood platelets are also known to increase immune response on and protection from infection of treatment site.

What’s the low down on the vampire facial?

Bottomline is that PRP may work up more noticeable improvement on your skin issues sooner compared to Teamine, an eye cream that contains peptides, or similar anti-aging products. It may help your skin better resist what causes acne as well.

Here is the step-by-step process for a vampire facial procedure:

Step 1: Hyaluronic acid fillers are injected on your face. The face is injected with HA fillers in a way that will make the skin look naturally firm and contoured.

Step 2: Blood is collected from your arm. Only about 2 teaspoons of which, to be exact. Then, the skin specialist places the blood collected inside a centrifuge to isolate the growth factor containing plasma.

Step 3: Blood is re-injected back to to your face. On strategic, pre-determined points, blood is re-injected to help speed up skin repair and promote rejuvenation. This is the bloody part that earned this procedure its monstrous name.


The Vampire Facial is a stringently developed procedure that is patented and requires certification to be conducted successfully by your provider. PRP can cost up to US$ 1,500 so you want to make sure you only get it from a certified service provider. Tame your expectations as skin aging really cannot be escaped completely.